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How Does a Helmet Actually Work?

Before knowing how does a helmet work, let us try and understand what are helmets and why should we use a helmet.

Helmets are a safety gear  designed to protect our brain or head from injuries of an accident or a mishap. When there is a crash or an accident and you could do very less to prevent it from happening, a helmet can definitely help prevent or  minimize an injury to your head or brain.

It is impossible for any helmet to protect against all possible impacts. Even if it does, it is only limited to our head or brain which is covered and the rest of the body is still at risk. However, if there is a collision, wearing a helmet is definitely worth than not wearing it.

So how does a helmet work?

We all know that human brains can be injured by a severe collision or by an extremely violent rotation of head, wherein the brain remains stationary, giving the blood vessels or nerves a pull. So it is wise enough to use a helmet,  it atleast reduces the risk of a direct impact to the brain or head.

Helmets are designed to absorb most of the force of the impact during a collision, which in turn reduces the risk of a brain or a head injury.

To broadly summarize, helmets are designed to:

  1. Help the head slow down more leisurely
  2. Spread the impact of a thud or a plunge over a larger area

iii.      Avoid direct impact to the skull.

The helmets which are designed to sustain a collision, normally comprises of four parts: A firm outer shell, a crushable layer of foam, Chin straps and comfort padding.

The outer shell of the helmet prevent objects from penetrating and because they are hard, they spread the impact of collision around the entire helmet instead of having it focused at one point. The hard surface helps you skid on the road so that your neck does not get yanked.

This shell also helps to keep the crushable foam in one piece. Rounder helmets are considered safer as they can skid more easily. The layer of crushable foam is usually made up of expanded polystyrene.

When there is an accident and you hit against something rigid, the foam in the helmet crushes which in turn cushions the blow, absorbs the energy of the collision and hence minimises the impact on the brain.

Rotational forces or internal injuries are hence reduced by the crushable foam. Thicker the foam, it is better since it gives your head a better room.

However, if the foam is too thick, it will extend the outer circumference of the head in effect. So a super thick helmet will probably not serve the best.

The chin strap should be properly warped and adjusted along with the comfort padding which helps in keeping the helmet intact on your head during the crash.

The strap must be adjusted so that it does not slide to a side or back.

Helmets act as a shock absorber .When there is a fall or collision, there is a certain amount of speed in which the head is travelling. And since the head has some mass and it is moving, there is also an energy associated with it.

So when the helmet collides with an obstinate object, a wall, a vehicle or a ground, the rigid shell starts absorbing the energy generated by the falling helmet with the head inside.

The energy is then spread over a larger portion of the helmet, specifically, the internal foam layer.

When the skull inside the helmet strikes into the foam, it helps your head to slow down over a distance of a few centimetres. When the impact is over, the foam is left deformed, however the skull and brain are much better off. The crushing of the foam minimises the internal strains and rotational forces.

Thicker foam gives the head more space and more milliseconds to stop.  In short,  a helmet will effectively reduce the speed of the movement of the head, by breaking and crushing which in turn reduces the amount of impact energy transferred to the brain.

This whole course of action takes only milliseconds to turn a potentially fatal crash into a survivable one.

The foam present in some helmets are crushable but they do not ever recuperate. So if you ever bump a bike helmet which is made up of the customary expanded polystyrene foam, the foam is crushed and you can never use it again.

The helmets used for hockey or skateboarding has a rebound spongy foam called butyl nitrate foam or possibly expanded polypropylene foam. Any of these will restore their form slowly after a bump and can hence be reused.

Construction helmets are good enough as long as the shell is not wrecked and the suspension is intact.

Helmets which are designed for minor collisions do not essentially have foam inside. Some of them just have hard shells with a suspension head strap that helps the helmet to fit in properly and it also has some space inside for air circulation.

Usually helmets used for construction are of this type and do a fine job when a brick falls on your head or if you crash hard against a suspended steel beam.

It’s not advisable to use this while riding a bicycle, since if you fall off, they will not sustain the impact of falling on pathway.

Lastly, the most important aspect to be kept in mind is that a helmet should fit in properly. This prevents it from flying  in the air during an impact or a collision. So first, you should try a few helmets and pick one that you feel most warm and comfortable in.

Motorcycling, bicycling, racing or any sort of movements that involves speed, inflict risks of head injury leading to death or permanent disability. Helmets are the most proficient means of avoiding or minimising these injuries.

Ultimate Guide to Custom Motorcycle Helmets

The making of a custom helmet specialized and tailored to user preference is hell of a task and lot of art and mechanics needs to be harmonized without compromising on the safety aspect and usability of the helmet. The rage for custom motorcycle helmets is especially high amongst the ever growing community of bikers and rallyists who want to present their identity with uniquely designed custom made helmets.

The custom helmets being unique as it is designed only for a limited number of users can never be produced in bulk and one has to expect a reasonably higher cost than the one’s available commercially where bulk production ensures price is kept low with law of averages making it possible for affordability. But, then to get exclusivity and unique identity experience, one must need to a pay a reasonable price. So lets get to the guidance of making custom motorcycle helmets.

First and foremost, safety and protection of the head must be the underlying feature of the helmet in any given circumstances and once this feature is ensured, then begins the art work for aesthetics and uniqueness of the custom helmet begins.

Airbrush with paint or simply apply decals  and the designing of aesthetics fall in place as one action leads to another evolving action and you might just end up with a better custom helmet than your originally thought to have.  A few options to custom the motorcycle helmets are listed below.

Getting the helmet painted is the first option as the art work can be expressed with colours and what better way than getting the colour combinations right as per your tastes.  One could always use their old helmet to do this option and save on being bothered about buying a new one and ripping it apart to add the art features.

Airbrushing the helmet is one way or using wet painting method is another way of getting your custom motorcycle helmet done. Having knowledge of how to airbrush yourself will save you time and money with the airbrushing work.

Hiring an expert painter to get it done is the best method if you have no idea of airbrushing with paint.  Never paint the helmet yourself you lack the expertise in painting. You will not only waste time but also end up with a poorly painted helmet which you will never use due to the lack of looks.

A You tube video link will give you an idea of how to get airbrushing done and you could always guide the expert painter as to what you want exactly with your painting work on your custom motorcycle helmet.

Before getting it painted, you must ensure that you use sandpaper to clear all debris sticking on the surface of your helmet.  You must remove all removable parts that you are not going to get painted and just leave the helmet shell where painting has to be done.

Use the appropriate tools to remove the visors, liners without distorting the placement alignments,  etc,, so that they fit perfectly when they need to be refitted after the painting work is done with.

Another method to custom motorcycle helmets is to use decal stickers on the helmets. There are a variety of stickers available at reasonable price.Get stickers that uses text that are not too offensive as remember you are trying to convey your personality through whatever colour combination and words that you desire to put on the helmet.

Creating a positive identity is the hallmark of creative people and using innovative positive stickers with little bit of humour or pun in it will be the right choice.


Buying readymade Custom motorcycle helmets is another option sold by experts in art work who will provide you with readymade custom motorcycle helmets, but then you might not get all that you wish to customize in building your helmet and might even end up paying more to buy a readymade one.

Buying readymade custom helmet from specialized makers is a good option however if the seller is able to add in a few of your ideas and make it the way the you want.

Another option to customize your motorcycle helmet is to buy variety of helmet skins and use these skins on your helmets to give a unique look to what you are wearing.

The major advantage of applying a skin to your helmet is that it keeps the shell of your helmet scratch free underneath the skin and the skin can be changed anytime you feel you want a fresh look or design.


Apart from the helmet using a facemask along with the helmet can change your appearance while riding and give an identity different to you.  However, here you just need a mask that matches the colour combo of your helmet and gives the feeling of both the helmet and mask being a single unit to the onlooker.

Pin striping helmets is another method used for making custom motorcycle helmets.  Pin striping is a decorative art and it is mostly done by professionals who are experts in this art and gives unique looks to helmets .  Two methods of pin striping are there Mechanical Pin striping and Freehand Pin striping.

Machines are used in mechanical pin striping.  This is professional work done by people who are not only skilled in using machines but have creative minds to create unique pin striping on the helmets.

Freehand pin striping as the name suggests involve mostly creative art work by highly artistic professionals without the use of machines. Being mostly a form of handicraft freehand pin striping could take time in completing your custom helmet and one needs to be patient in freehand pin striping work as the margin of error is very less and time is taken to complete the task of freehand pin striping.

The guide to custom motorcycle helmets as elucidated above will be very useful along with searching for videos on You tube to see how actually each of the customizing options of your helmet actually happens.  So, the message for all the bikers is Be unique – Customize your motorcycle helmet ! Happy Biking !

Ultimate Guide to The best Motorcycle Helmets for Women

The word “Helmet” is synonymous with safety for riding motorcycles and other two wheelers. The need for female motorcycle helmets or the best motorcycle helmets for women has increased manifold. With modernization and ever growing urbanization travel to and from home to work place with flexible work timings means lesser dependence on public transport and usage of own transport.

The motorcycles are the answer to this and along with this the helmets which need to give safety to the rider.  With more and more women getting into jobs and traveling alone the two wheeler industry has witnessed a phenomenal increase in the usage of two wheeler users amongst women.

The requirement for helmets also goes up exponentially. It is mandatory to wear helmets as safety protection in almost all countries, so the use of helmets is mandatory. When it comes to women, variety is the spice of life and they need not just safety and comfort but also style and substance inbuilt into their helmets.

With increasing usage of motorcycles by women they are into adventure sports like racing, rallying, cross country rides and all these extra-curricular hobbies has paved the way for some challenging designs of helmets with the female motorcycle rider in mind.

This challenge to provide added value to helmets has changed the designing and presentation of helmets in the marketplace.  Some of the ultimate choices and best of designs are reviewed below for the exclusive category of “women’s motorcycle helmets “.

The Scorpion Exo is the most sought after premium brand in the women’s motorcycle helmet category.  This brand has been upgraded to the latest Scorpion Exo-1100.The

The You Tube link provided below explains the details of the helmets to the minutest detail and helps to understand the making of this premium women’s motorcycle helmet.


Womens Motorcycle Helmets

This helmet is extremely lightweight (just 4 pounds) and for suitable for normal riding use to work place or city driving or highway driving. This  helmets is not recommended for use in racing or adventure rides, etc.

The makers of this helmet have improvised on the ventilation system apart from the improved shell quality.  This helmet has four intake ports for cold air to flow in and another 5 vents for the warm/hot air to exit.

This makes the air flow system really high class and great experience for the rider.  The sun visor is detachable and easy to remove and fix. Female motorcycle helmet users will find this a great value for money helmet.

Next comes the highly rated All Rounder Butterfly helmet.Most womens motorcycle helmet users have rated their experience with the All Rounder Butterfly as supremely awesome.The lightweight of 4 pounds in the extremely lightweight ABS shell.

The added advantage is the Expanded Polysterene impact absorbing liners (EPS liners) used copiously gives added safety and cushioning effect too. Removable and washable check pads that keeps the helmet fresh always and never getting smelly.

The All Rounder Butterfly has very good graphics on its shell the very innovative design of butterflies (ostensibly to identify the brand) on the helmet also creates and gives feeling of a spirit of flying and freedom to the rider.  The helmet has been subjected to the most stringent safety tests and certified for its safety.

The noise distortions are greatly reduced at high speeds and the helmet is “quiet” on the noise distortion scale. A great value for money buy is the All Rounder Butterfly amongst the brands of female motorcycle helmets.

Next  the Vega X888 is a great helmet that is on offer amongst the womens motorcycle helmetbrands. This helmet is rated highly by the female motorcycle helmet user community. This helmet weighs 4.2 pounds and packs in a lot of features that the user finds essential for a comfortable wear and ride.

First and foremost, it meets all the required safety standards which in any case will be the first aspect an user will look for. Secondly, the controllable flow of air mechanism makes it an unique feature amongst the women motorcycle helmet brand.

The adjustable vents at the top and mouth along with vents at cheek area and  rear side makes air flow system unique.Another unique feature of Vega X888 is that it comes with a standard clear outer shield and the user has choice to get additional 9 other types of outer shields options sold separately, namely mirror/tints, etc.

With a warranty period of one year, the Vega X888 very good value for money and variety in the category of women’s motorcycle helmet market.  Click the You Tube link below to know about the Vega X888 helmets.

To conclude the above helmets discussed offer great value for money and comfort along with safety, style and substance for the female motorcycle helmets users.

There are many other brands available but these three women’s motorcycle helmet brands listed above fit the bill for the “ULTIMATE & BEST” motorcycle helmets for women.

The availability of these helmets are widespread right from exclusive helmet stores to vehicle showroom to the reputed online web stores like Amazon, Ebay, and many other online shopping portals.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2018

Professional bikers would love to use motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth technology inbuilt in the helmets. Biking for long hours and the increasing community of bikers gives rise to the need of a mandatory product like helmet coming with added features like Bluetooth.

The major advantage is the ability to speak through Bluetooth without hampering the pleasure of biking by stopping the drive on and off. Getting the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets needs to be researched as the variety of motorcycle helmets are very many.

A biker needs to find the best motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth for a unique experience as buying a Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth needs to be viewed as an investment as technically it is a time saver.

Apart from price, size, variety of choices, the version of Bluetooth technology used will determine the inevitable need of the product.We list a few motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth technology below.

O’Neal Commander : 

The O’Neal Commander motorcycle helmet is opened to be a unique and one of the best motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth technology. The hallmark of this motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth is its design and some breathtaking features.

An elaborate review of the O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet can be understood from the video link given below.


The suede liner and the shield of this helmet is quite unique.  With the suede liner being washable, it conforms the fact of a good odor and eliminates any chance of foul smell with motorcycle helmets with non-washable liners.  Added features being scratch resistant shield apart from being anti-fog.

Most motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth do not live up to the talk time with Bluetooth, but O-Neal Commander is one of the few helmets that lives up to that talk time promise with real time usage of up to 10 hours.

Next comes the quality of the speakers in the Bluetooth. Bikers are usually music lovers too and they have found the quality of the full stereo speakers with surround sound in the O’Neal Commander motorcycle helmets to be of the high-tech category and quality.

With auto switch off of the music getting cut off when an incoming call happens is a unique feature that helps in noisy street situations while riding.

Weight plays an important role too as helmets need to be worn on the head and needs to be within tolerable limits in terms of weight.  The O’Neal Commander is not very heavy at 5.4 pounds cutting across all sizes from small to extra large size of the helmets.

The safety features of the O’Neal Commander along with other features are approved by all authorities and does not violate the traffic law requirements.


Bilt motorcycles helmets with Bluetooth  has made affordability make a quantum jump as it is technology compatible Bluetooth used in the building of this helmet.  It does not matter how old your cell phone is, but as long as the cell phone has Bluetooth capability the BILT Techno motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth would work.

The Bilt Techno offers Intercom function in the helmet as the rider can also communicate with the pillion passenger and this is a unique feature, which will be a great asset especially while driving through tricky or noisy terrain.

The design and safety standards of this unique BILT Techno helmets are aesthetic and appealing to the motorcycle riders.

With an option of four colours to choose from and sizes ranging from small to extra large, the BILT Techno is a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth that encompasses all types of users purely from the physical aspects due to the various variety of shapes and size available.

The visor that comes along with the BILT Techno motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth is a quick release visor which is clear and locks and fitted as a standard fitting for the helmet, which offers more value for money. The sun shield is specially tinted sun shield to protect the biker from the glare of the sun while biking.

Metal mesh is used for the making of vents and the removable lining  along with chin deflectors provides added comforts to the bike riding experience using the BILT Techno motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth.


HJC MACBT II offers the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets experience with it is variety and the extremely nice size and design and most of the reviews rates this Bluetooth motorcycle helmets as a top notch in design and safety.

The strong material used in the form of polycarbonate shell which is not only lightweight but also fits snugly on the user.  It is available in 13 different sizes and some of the versions in black with matte finish look really great and give that top of the world feeling to the user.

Coming to the other features like visor, the face shield protects the biker from ultraviolet rays of the sun as high as 95% making it an unique visor providing UV protection. A chin bar is added into the elegantly designed helmet.  The technology used for the shield is QuickSlide technology and replacement of shield is easy.

A chin bar is added into the elegantly designed helmet. The technology used for the shield is QuickSlide technology and replacement of shield is easy.

The HJC MACBT II uses the sterile Nylex material and the added feature of this material that it is antibacterial in nature, thus preventing scalp infections for the biker.

The ventilation system known as ACS ventilation systems drives out the humidity from back to front continuously.

The weight is just about 5.2 pounds for the HJC MACBT II Bluetooth motorcycle helmets and has an integrated recess design with cavities for the interior speakers.

The above three helmets discussed happen to be the best in its class for motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth technology. All these products are uniquely designed and offer advanced features and the biker using these motorcycle helmets will have an ultimate and enhanced conversation experience using the Bluetooth technology built into these helmets.

Happy Bluetooth biking and drive yourself to a higher zone of biking with an advanced communication technology of Bluetooth.

What are the types of Motorcycle Helmets available?

As the name proposes motorcycle helmets are a type of safety gear used by motor cyclists.  The key objective of a motorcycle helmet is to protect the rider’s head during an impact, thus preventing or minimising the head injury.

We can find diverse kinds of motorcycle helmets used for different activities. Each type of helmet is specially designed to guard your head from the kind of impacts that characteristically are associated with a particular activity or sport.

It is appropriate to wear a helmet that is apt for the particular activity you’re concerned with. So do not wear helmets designed for other activities; it may not secure your head as efficiently.

It is appropriate to wear a helmet that is apt for the particular activity you’re concerned with. So do not wear helmets designed for other activities; it may not secure your head as efficiently.

Here’s a breakdown of the available types of motorcycle helmets

Full Face Motorcycle Helmets :

As the name says, full face helmet covers the front and rear of a rider’s head. The hard case extends from the forehead over the skull to the base of the head. The case rides forward as shielding section along the cheekbones to cover the jaws and chin.

full face motorcycle helmets

A further advantage of the full face design is its built-in eye protection in the form of a screen/face shield, which can be slided over the view port to chunk out the wind, rain and dust. The visor comes in tinted or non-tinted versions which eases out the exhaustion to your eyes.

Majority of the full face motorcycle helmets are vented at the chin and within the shell. These vents help to increase the airflow to the rider. Vents normally have sliding doors for use in cold weather.

full face motorcycle helmets

Full face Motorcycle helmets are considered the most safest to wear in terms of absolute protection, as they cover the large area of the head and face. Many of them do not prefer these kinds of helmets because of increased heat, lack of enough wind and inadequate sensory input. They are also the heaviest of all motorcycle helmets which makes them create an exertion on the neck.

Off Road or Motocross Helmets

These type of motorcycle helmets are used for off-road dirt biking. Most of the off-road helmets are full-face designs, although we can find some open-face helmets in the souk. Off-road helmets are distinguished from the regular full-face helmets by their sun peaks, elongated chin bars and visor.

Motocross helmets are designed to be used with goggles as they do not have integral face shields. The sun peaks, as the name says protects your eyes from the sun.

Dirt riding is often physically challenging for the rider and it’s often done in warmer climate. So, motocross helmets are intended to curtail weight and maximize ventilation. So a well ventilated helmet enhances the rider’s comfort.

Modular or “flip-up” Motorcycle Helmets : 

Modular helmets also popularly known as Flip-ups are a kind of hybrid designed helmets that proffers the best of full face and open face helmets. They are popular because of their versatility.

That means, these helmets have a hinged chin bar that can be flipped up which comes handy when the rider may want to grab a bite to eat, drink or talk without taking off the helmet.


They are popular among adventure and sport touring riders. With the chin bar up, they’re easier for riders to even put on or take off their eyeglasses.

Modular Motorcycle helmets are usually heavier mainly due to the hinge and locking mechanisms. They are also inherently not as secured as a full face motorcycle helmets as the flip-up device brings in a hinge to an otherwise rigid structure and this consequently weakens the helmet.

Also most flip-ups stint on EPS foam and use rubber or plastic line in the chin bar, which means they fail to provide the same crash protection to the face. However, modular helmets are still much safer when compared to open face or half helmets.

Open face or 3/4 helmet 

As the name suggests, open-face or 3/4 motorcycle helmets lack a complete coverage of full face design; particularly, there is no chin bar and in most cases there is no face shield either. An open face helmet covers top, sides and back of your head, leaving your face open.

Many offer flip-down visors which may be used by the rider to cut down the glare of the sunlight. As compared to full faces, open face helmets are constructionally same in terms of protection.

That is, the shells often employ similar composites and padding for impact resistance, however provide modest safety to the face.

The advantage of an open face helmet is it’s airy feel. Nevertheless, this can cause a problem in rainy or dusty weather. These helmets are enormously admired among cruisers and scooter riders.

They have a naturally vintage feel, and are popular among those that rack up road miles on large full dress bikes, like Harley Davidson. These are also popular with police officers, as it is easy to communicate with the helmet in position.

Half helmet : 

Half helmets often called as beanies or shorties or Pudding Basin, are barely considered a safety gear. These are the least invasive style of helmets which covers only the top half of the cranium.

They have the least weight, do not block the ears, and proffer the slightest wind resistance. Half-helmets guard only the top of the head while leaving the face and vital base of the head exposed. They offer the least safety.

With the abridged protection of an open-face design, riders are vulnerable to airborne substance and the climate. Riders should wear sunglasses or goggles to supplement for an added eye protection.

Half helmets offer secure chin straps. Though chin straps are significant in any type of helmets, it is even more prominent on an open-face design. Rider’s need to be extra cautious that the half-helmet they procure is DOT-approved and not just a novelty design.

They are enormously popular with cruiser and vintage riders with a particular following in the Harley-Davidson category. They have also seen some popularity with a street fighter style naked bikes like Ducati Monsters, BMW S1000Rs, Kawasaki Z1000s.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet ( Motorcycle Helmets Brand with review)

The foremost thing to think of is that motorcycle head dresses are the single most significant part of things that you need while boarding on your ride.

There are many things to think through while you hunt for the best choices from the top products. Shape, heaviness, constituents, features are all essential sections of the motorcycle helmet dilemma.

Through this article we will provide you with the best options available in the market for you.

The selection process takes time but in the end one should not compromise with the quality of the helmet. There are numerous brands in the market which provide the best quality headgears at the most affordable prices.

These helmets adhere to the guidelines and regulations made by the government. All other things fall aside when you think of buying a safe and technological advanced helmet for you. Your life is dependent on the decision you make by setting apart the monetary matters.

The best brands available in the market for motorcycle helmets are:

  • Shoei Solid Qwest– This is the finest motorcycle helmet and that’s because as it understands precisely what motorcyclist’s wish from their head dresses.
  • Scorpion EXO– Scorpion is a reliable and an affordable product.It still supplies supreme performance without penetrating the burden on the pocket of its users.
  • ARAI Vector 2-Arai is a massive helmet and with this exemplary, the company shows why it is appreciated by so many bikers.
  • HJC Sprint– HJC never upsets its users who like their headdresses with some high class features, all at the moderate price.
  • AGV– One of the most standard helmet selections among world champion contestants, AGV is similarly a great pick for ever day bikers.
  • Bell-One of the aspects that has allowed them to be so effective is their nonstop determination to put the functionality of their head covering as the main emphasis
  • HJC- JC has been manufacture quality motorcycle helmets from 1971, merging unbeatable prices with top of the line functionality to products line of helmets that has pushed them above the competition. With modernizations and designs, HJC’s control above the motorcycle helmet market is growing statically.
  • GMAX GM54S– GMAX may not have the standing of Shoei or HJC but the product can be trustworthy to provide great structures at a reasonable price.
  • O’Neal Fastrack– O’Neal is one of the average budget brands that has presented some incredible inventions in the helmet business and has kept the price in control simultaneously.
  • Nolan– Nolan is an actually distinguishable and consistent brand. Selecting from their line stylish and DOT licensed helmets is a security awareness.
  • KBC- KBC is only twenty years old, it is one of the newer brands to make at the list, but this hasn’t obstructed their capability to rise up with some of the best helmet creations on the marketplace.
  • Shark– Launched by motorcycling experts that needed the greatest in head dresses, Shark’s consideration to features and effort on modernization has made them extraordinarily prevalent amongst motorcycling participants through the world.

bluetooth motorcycle helmet

The other famous brands in addition to the above are Matte Flat, Schuberth,Lazer, Airoh, Vemar, X-Lite, BMW Motorrad, Grex, MT and Caberg. The above brands are famous for their modern features like:

-Dot certification

-good quality Visors

-Ventilation system


-Comfortable and removable liners

-Venting system

-UV Protected shields

-Modern Design and color choices

– Noise Decline with Aerodynamic Features

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

We live in a linked world where we need to be in touch with our loved ones. Some people find it being envious but find it helpful. At times when you are driving alone on the roads, you might want to talk to your dear ones or listen to some good music.

This need gave popularity to Bluetooth headgears which allow you to communicate easily without touching your phone on the journey.

bluettoth motorcycle helmets

If you get lost, the GPS addition to the Bluetooth will help you find your way despite of reading old maps. Not all helmets are Bluetooth enabled as they are costly and very few brands manufacture these type of masks.

These helmets are also some of the harmless, most comfy, and softest motorcycle helmets.

While you go complete the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet evaluations you will find an amazing variation but, as an experienced motorcyclist, you would also understand that if you are going to spend handsome money, you should go for the top choices available in the market.

Reason of buying Bluetooth headgears are:

  • Water resistant
  • Control over sound
  • Good design and tough exteriors to protect at the time of crash
  • Good Bluetooth quality as per price paid
  • Type of helmets available in the market (full-face Bluetooth headgears)
  • Price of the helmets as per the features provided by the manufacturer.

Top 5 popular brands of Bluetooth headgears:

  • O’Neal Commander- This Bluetooth helmet has got great design and has fine lining and exceptional shield along with speakers inbuilt is safety certified and comfortable helmet.
  • O’Neal Fastrack II- it is another exclusive model of O’Neal and it is a budget helmet with all features of O’Neal Commander Bluetooth helmet.
  • BILT Techno- This is another affordable brand which runs on even old smartphone with Bluetooth feature. It meets all the safety standards and is available in great design. It has great quality of swift release screen along with metal vents and removable linings.
  • HJC CL-MAXBT II- This brand of helmet has good variety in size, colors and design. It has strong built and modern visors along with anti-bacterially lex and good airing structure.
  • TORC T 27- it is an expensive brand due to its superb inbuilt quality. It comes with solid design and extra protection has original expelling equipment and anti-sunlight shades along with high quality Bluetooth for talking, streaming and GPS. It is a certified brand by DOT and ECE.

Advantages of Bluetooth helmets:

  • Easy to converse with friends and family while driving.
  • Minimum distractions due to smooth controls.
  • Added features like water-resistant, sound controls, crunchy sound, edging of speakers, incredible talk time, and noise annulment.
  • Safe and comfortable over technology as they perform powerfully.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet:

  • They are quite Overpriced
  • Not needed by all expert bikers
  • Volume controller will not work at high speed
  • Cheap Bluetooth headgears will not provide be according to your choice as you have to compromise of looks.

Therefore, there is not a huge variety of Bluetooth headgears but still whatever choice is available, is worth trying. These headgears re available with all the necessary features like the regular helmets.

The only difference is that they are little highly priced. But for those who like being entertained throughout their road trips, Bluetooth headgears are a good option available nowadays.