7 Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

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There are some great brands to buy in motorcycle helmets the world over. Listing the 7 best brands is a hard task and lot of differences will be found but engineering technology coupled with safety features being the topmost in mind, the following few brands are being chosen from amongst the plethora of brands available in the international market to meet the requirement of an international audience.


Arai is a brand of the helmet coming from the giants in motor sports from Japan meeting the SNELL standards of safety. This highest form of certification a helmet can have is the SNELL safety standards.


This company manufactures helmets since around 1926 to be most precise, or to put it succinctly they have the expertise in manufacturing helmets for nearly over the past 90 years precisely.

The amount of research into ergonomic design, weight, shell and consistently achieving the highest safety standards make Arai helmets a brand to reckon with for safety coupled with style.


AGV is Italian AGV brands of helmets.  Italy became the pioneer in 1947 with the advent of the industrial revolution and AGV as a company switched over to manufacturing helmets from leather seats. The brands of AGV that were churned out suited for everyday users and till date the pioneers in manufacturing of helmets for everyday user.



Another brand that was established as early as 1955 is the Bell brand.  Their primary focus was on user functionality and this ensured success of their helmet brand and helping them rise to be one of the most safe and reliable brand in terms of functionality and innovation.



HJC is a late entrant to the motor cycle helmet business but carved a niche for itself since 1971 using a few key features to create functionality along with pricing to produce helmets that catapulted them to amongst the top brands in a short time.


The designs have been highly innovative which the competing companies failed to produce and  HJC as a brand changed the specifications of what an helmet could be thought of to another level  and left the competitors behind. It has an ever-expanding usage of its brands of motorcycle helmets.


KBC is a 20+ years old company and is rated as one of the youngest brand to rise the ladder faster  with some of the best helmet designs in the industry which were never thought of. Their renowned research and development teams worked on highly lightweight material that provided snug fits of their brands and customer satisfaction index  soared very high for is brand.


The cutting edge technology with constant research and courage to implement them in functional use has made KBC one of the most favorite brand in motorcycle helmets.


Nolan is an Italian brand and has a market share of over 50% market share in the European Union.  Their DOT certified helmets offer a plethora of safety helmets with style that captures the users imagination.


Capturing the 50% market share of the motorcyclists in Europe is not an easy task and Nolan has done it because of its very high safety rating amongst motorcyclists without compromising on style.


Shark is a French company manufacturing helmets over the past 25 plus years. This company was started by professionals who were themselves professional motorcyclists and they designed helmets with utmost attention to focus on innovative designs and giving attention to detail in regards to safety.


This brand of Shark has caught the imagination of the motorcyclists across the globe.

The market for helmets is a huge one worldwide and the ladder to climb to being the topmost one amongst helmet makers is a difficult choice to decide. The various inputs and reviews have been researched to arrive at the list of the best 7 helmet companies.

These companies offer the most basic requirement of safety as per international standards along with innovative technologies like air flow vent systems, custom made helmets designs, washable inner liners, noise reduction, Bluetooth technology embedded into the helmets, mask protection for driving in polluted areas, etc. etc.

The above list is a very humble and honest attempt to enlist the best companies based on expertise, innovation, design, and user base.  Wish you safe and happy biking with the best helmets as your mandatory accessory!

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