Ultimate Guide to The best Motorcycle Helmets for Women

The word “Helmet” is synonymous with safety for riding motorcycles and other two wheelers. The need for female motorcycle helmets or the best motorcycle helmets for women has increased manifold. With modernization and ever growing urbanization travel to and from home to work place with flexible work timings means lesser dependence on public transport and usage of own transport.

The motorcycles are the answer to this and along with this the helmets which need to give safety to the rider.  With more and more women getting into jobs and traveling alone the two wheeler industry has witnessed a phenomenal increase in the usage of two wheeler users amongst women.

The requirement for helmets also goes up exponentially. It is mandatory to wear helmets as safety protection in almost all countries, so the use of helmets is mandatory. When it comes to women, variety is the spice of life and they need not just safety and comfort but also style and substance inbuilt into their helmets.

With increasing usage of motorcycles by women they are into adventure sports like racing, rallying, cross country rides and all these extra-curricular hobbies has paved the way for some challenging designs of helmets with the female motorcycle rider in mind.

This challenge to provide added value to helmets has changed the designing and presentation of helmets in the marketplace.  Some of the ultimate choices and best of designs are reviewed below for the exclusive category of “women’s motorcycle helmets “.

The Scorpion Exo is the most sought after premium brand in the women’s motorcycle helmet category.  This brand has been upgraded to the latest Scorpion Exo-1100.The

The You Tube link provided below explains the details of the helmets to the minutest detail and helps to understand the making of this premium women’s motorcycle helmet.


Womens Motorcycle Helmets

This helmet is extremely lightweight (just 4 pounds) and for suitable for normal riding use to work place or city driving or highway driving. This  helmets is not recommended for use in racing or adventure rides, etc.

The makers of this helmet have improvised on the ventilation system apart from the improved shell quality.  This helmet has four intake ports for cold air to flow in and another 5 vents for the warm/hot air to exit.

This makes the air flow system really high class and great experience for the rider.  The sun visor is detachable and easy to remove and fix. Female motorcycle helmet users will find this a great value for money helmet.

Next comes the highly rated All Rounder Butterfly helmet.Most womens motorcycle helmet users have rated their experience with the All Rounder Butterfly as supremely awesome.The lightweight of 4 pounds in the extremely lightweight ABS shell.

The added advantage is the Expanded Polysterene impact absorbing liners (EPS liners) used copiously gives added safety and cushioning effect too. Removable and washable check pads that keeps the helmet fresh always and never getting smelly.

The All Rounder Butterfly has very good graphics on its shell the very innovative design of butterflies (ostensibly to identify the brand) on the helmet also creates and gives feeling of a spirit of flying and freedom to the rider.  The helmet has been subjected to the most stringent safety tests and certified for its safety.

The noise distortions are greatly reduced at high speeds and the helmet is “quiet” on the noise distortion scale. A great value for money buy is the All Rounder Butterfly amongst the brands of female motorcycle helmets.

Next  the Vega X888 is a great helmet that is on offer amongst the womens motorcycle helmetbrands. This helmet is rated highly by the female motorcycle helmet user community. This helmet weighs 4.2 pounds and packs in a lot of features that the user finds essential for a comfortable wear and ride.

First and foremost, it meets all the required safety standards which in any case will be the first aspect an user will look for. Secondly, the controllable flow of air mechanism makes it an unique feature amongst the women motorcycle helmet brand.

The adjustable vents at the top and mouth along with vents at cheek area and  rear side makes air flow system unique.Another unique feature of Vega X888 is that it comes with a standard clear outer shield and the user has choice to get additional 9 other types of outer shields options sold separately, namely mirror/tints, etc.

With a warranty period of one year, the Vega X888 very good value for money and variety in the category of women’s motorcycle helmet market.  Click the You Tube link below to know about the Vega X888 helmets.

To conclude the above helmets discussed offer great value for money and comfort along with safety, style and substance for the female motorcycle helmets users.

There are many other brands available but these three women’s motorcycle helmet brands listed above fit the bill for the “ULTIMATE & BEST” motorcycle helmets for women.

The availability of these helmets are widespread right from exclusive helmet stores to vehicle showroom to the reputed online web stores like Amazon, Ebay, and many other online shopping portals.

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