Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2018

Professional bikers would love to use motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth technology inbuilt in the helmets. Biking for long hours and the increasing community of bikers gives rise to the need of a mandatory product like helmet coming with added features like Bluetooth.

The major advantage is the ability to speak through Bluetooth without hampering the pleasure of biking by stopping the drive on and off. Getting the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets needs to be researched as the variety of motorcycle helmets are very many.

A biker needs to find the best motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth for a unique experience as buying a Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth needs to be viewed as an investment as technically it is a time saver.

Apart from price, size, variety of choices, the version of Bluetooth technology used will determine the inevitable need of the product.We list a few motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth technology below.

O’Neal Commander : 

The O’Neal Commander motorcycle helmet is opened to be a unique and one of the best motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth technology. The hallmark of this motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth is its design and some breathtaking features.

An elaborate review of the O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet can be understood from the video link given below.


The suede liner and the shield of this helmet is quite unique.  With the suede liner being washable, it conforms the fact of a good odor and eliminates any chance of foul smell with motorcycle helmets with non-washable liners.  Added features being scratch resistant shield apart from being anti-fog.

Most motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth do not live up to the talk time with Bluetooth, but O-Neal Commander is one of the few helmets that lives up to that talk time promise with real time usage of up to 10 hours.

Next comes the quality of the speakers in the Bluetooth. Bikers are usually music lovers too and they have found the quality of the full stereo speakers with surround sound in the O’Neal Commander motorcycle helmets to be of the high-tech category and quality.

With auto switch off of the music getting cut off when an incoming call happens is a unique feature that helps in noisy street situations while riding.

Weight plays an important role too as helmets need to be worn on the head and needs to be within tolerable limits in terms of weight.  The O’Neal Commander is not very heavy at 5.4 pounds cutting across all sizes from small to extra large size of the helmets.

The safety features of the O’Neal Commander along with other features are approved by all authorities and does not violate the traffic law requirements.


Bilt motorcycles helmets with Bluetooth  has made affordability make a quantum jump as it is technology compatible Bluetooth used in the building of this helmet.  It does not matter how old your cell phone is, but as long as the cell phone has Bluetooth capability the BILT Techno motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth would work.

The Bilt Techno offers Intercom function in the helmet as the rider can also communicate with the pillion passenger and this is a unique feature, which will be a great asset especially while driving through tricky or noisy terrain.

The design and safety standards of this unique BILT Techno helmets are aesthetic and appealing to the motorcycle riders.

With an option of four colours to choose from and sizes ranging from small to extra large, the BILT Techno is a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth that encompasses all types of users purely from the physical aspects due to the various variety of shapes and size available.

The visor that comes along with the BILT Techno motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth is a quick release visor which is clear and locks and fitted as a standard fitting for the helmet, which offers more value for money. The sun shield is specially tinted sun shield to protect the biker from the glare of the sun while biking.

Metal mesh is used for the making of vents and the removable lining  along with chin deflectors provides added comforts to the bike riding experience using the BILT Techno motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth.


HJC MACBT II offers the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets experience with it is variety and the extremely nice size and design and most of the reviews rates this Bluetooth motorcycle helmets as a top notch in design and safety.

The strong material used in the form of polycarbonate shell which is not only lightweight but also fits snugly on the user.  It is available in 13 different sizes and some of the versions in black with matte finish look really great and give that top of the world feeling to the user.

Coming to the other features like visor, the face shield protects the biker from ultraviolet rays of the sun as high as 95% making it an unique visor providing UV protection. A chin bar is added into the elegantly designed helmet.  The technology used for the shield is QuickSlide technology and replacement of shield is easy.

A chin bar is added into the elegantly designed helmet. The technology used for the shield is QuickSlide technology and replacement of shield is easy.

The HJC MACBT II uses the sterile Nylex material and the added feature of this material that it is antibacterial in nature, thus preventing scalp infections for the biker.

The ventilation system known as ACS ventilation systems drives out the humidity from back to front continuously.

The weight is just about 5.2 pounds for the HJC MACBT II Bluetooth motorcycle helmets and has an integrated recess design with cavities for the interior speakers.

The above three helmets discussed happen to be the best in its class for motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth technology. All these products are uniquely designed and offer advanced features and the biker using these motorcycle helmets will have an ultimate and enhanced conversation experience using the Bluetooth technology built into these helmets.

Happy Bluetooth biking and drive yourself to a higher zone of biking with an advanced communication technology of Bluetooth.

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