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Best Motorcycle Helmets: Reviews and Buying Factors (2021)

Why would someone be looking for the best motorcycle helmets? That’s because a motorcyclist shares common traffic space with many fast-moving cars, trucks, and buses, which puts him at an increased risk of being involved in an accident. A person who finds himself in that unfortunate event and is not wearing a motorcycle helmet is more likely to get a neck or brain injury, which can be fatal.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), wearing motorcycle helmets can decrease the risk of these fatal injuries by about 72%. Similarly, a survey was conducted which showed that 1,829 lives were saved in 2008, and if all motorcyclists had worn helmet during that time, then an additional 823 lives could have been saved. However, other factors may contribute at the time of the collision, for example, speed. But the best motorcycle helmet tends to reduce the impact of force on the head.

Therefore, here is a guide for motorcycle enthusiasts that can help them choose the best motorcycle helmets.

Best Motorcycle Helmets Comparison Table

13 Best Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Following are the reviews of the above listed Best Motorcycle Helmets;

1- SHOEI GT-Air II – Best Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei is one of the top motorcycle helmets manufacturing industries in the world. They are known for their quality, comfort, and protection. The Shoei GT Air 2 offers superb quality with improved aerodynamics and stability. It provides an integrated sun shield for maximum sun glare protection and “first position opening” for better defogging and ventilation.

Based on the AIMS+ architecture, the shell construction uses fiberglass technology, which helps the helmet be more rigid, resilient, and lightweight. The helmet’s internals features the 3D Max-Dry system, which absorbs sweat and moisture very quickly compared to other nylon interiors. Moreover, all these internal components are removable, adjustable, and washable.

The built-in sun visor meets ANSI Z80.3-2010 standard and has lengthened 5mm more than its predecessor. It provides anti-fog and anti-scratch technology, allowing you to have a clear field of vision.

Like other Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, the most stand out feature of this helmet is that it packs an integrated SRL-2 Bluetooth System by Sena. Not only that, Shoei has redesigned the internals and has made proper cutouts for wires, so they do not push against your head or face to create any pressure points.

For ventilation, this helmet has a three-positioned vent mechanism. The upper vent and a broad chin vent allow the air to pass through the EPS liner. Ultimately, this circulated humid air is then drawn out from three rear exhaust vents. It is a lovely, cool vented helmet for warm weather.

Shoei has equipped this helmet with DOT certification so that you can wear this anywhere without any hesitation. Furthermore, the shape is an intermediate oval with a longer front and back, which should work perfectly for the majority audience.

2- Shoei RF-1200 Best Motorcycle Helmet

The people have always loved Shoei motorcycle helmets. And the Shoei RF-1200 is not an exception. It is a full face motorcycle helmet and the successor to the bad boy RF-1100, a prestige helmet of its time. However, this thing is impressive; one of the best full-face motorcycle helmets. When it’s on your head, it just feels right. There are no tight spots, no loose spots, no pressure points. It is super comfortable.

Besides being comfortable, this thing is very safe, meeting both DOT and Snell M2015 safety standards. It has built-in EQRS, an emergency cheek pad removal system, which can be very useful if the situation calls for it.

The shield features CWR-1 Pin lock technology with a spring-loaded base plate to provide an excellent seal. Its shell is made up of heavy polycarbonate, and the face shield blocks all UV rays. The internals of this helmet is composed of 3D Max-Dry Pads, and everything is almost swappable.

It has a very compact design and is perfect for intermediate to long oval head shapes. The ventilation of this helmet is on point, and the sound levels are unbelievable. Even with the vents open, you do not hear much noise. The helmet’s weight is about 3.5 lbs., making it the lightest Snell certified helmet in the current Shoei lineup.

Shoei has crafted a fantastic piece that packs pretty much everything and will last years. The RF-1200 is a best helmet. It is safe, comfortable, lightweight, and quietest motorcycle helmet that a hardcore rider would appreciate.

3- BELL Bullitt Helmet

The Bell Bullitt is a beautiful retro design motorcycle helmet that perfectly complements the modern classic motorcycle look. It has been built to pay homage to the helmet that revolutionized the motorsport and helmet industries in the 1960s, THE STAR.

Bell motorcycle helmets have always been built using the highest quality materials. The outer shell of the Bullitt is a fiberglass composite, which makes it extremely lightweight. The design of the helmet is not that aerodynamic; however, it looks super classy. It has a gigantic face shield on the front and can be adjusted in three different positions. Bell has used a Magnefusion Shield Closure System to lock the face shield. This system uses a small tab attached with the strap that sticks with the shell when the shield is closed.

Moreover, this helmet can fit two styled face shields, i.e., a flat face shield and a bubble face shield. The flat face shield helps in better viewing angles, and the bubble face shield helps in better ventilation. However, there are no proper gaskets on the helmet to provide a better seal. Due to this, you can expect some noise and rain to make its way inside the helmet.

On the inside, Bell has used micro-suede lining with genuine leather trims. The comfort liner and cheek pads are removable and washable; however, the neckroll stays intact.

For ventilation, there are six intake vents on the front and an exhaust vent at the back of the helmet. The chin vent can be open or closed, but the other front vents can not. The soundproofing of this helmet is not that great. You might want to use earplugs while wearing this helmet.

So, if you are looking for a motorcycle helmet that looks old school and features some modern elements and safety standards like DOT and ECE, then you might want to consider the Bell Bullitt Helmet.

4- AGV K3 SV Full Face Helmet

The AGV K3 SV is an iteration of their original K3 helmet. In this iteration, they have completely redesigned the helmet. That is why they have added the SV in the name. So, let’s discuss what changes have been made that make it worth buying over the original K3 helmet.

Starting from the helmet’s internals, the K3 SV packs an integrated drop-down sun visor, which helps you enjoy a comfortable ride during those sunny days. Moreover, the face shield mechanism offers a Perimetrical Visor Seal for better sound suppression and draft protection.

The inner neck roll and cheek pads are integrated into a single piece, which is completely removable and washable. The comfort liner and the cheek pads use the Dry-comfort technology to absorb the moisture and provide a cool and comfortable experience inside the helmet.

Now, talking about the shell, they have completely updated the design and made it very aerodynamic. For the shell construction material, they have used High Resistant Thermoplastic Resin. The helmet’s size lies in neutral to the intermediate oval, giving you a little more space around your cheeks and temples.

Like other aspects of the helmet, the ventilation is also improved. It now houses four vents on the front, one at the chin guard and three on the top. Moreover, they have also provided us with the two rear exhausts placed just under the rear-mounted spoiler for optimal airflow.

It is one of the cheap motorcycle helmets in our current best motorcycle helmets lineup. But this thing does not feel cheap in any way! The AGV K3 SV Motorcycle helmet is an excellent choice for anyone who wants sophistication, modern design, and safety in a single package.

5- SCORPION EXO-GT920 Modular Helmet

EXO-GT920 is a sports helmet with modular features, i.e., it supports a flip-up design. The looks of this helmet are aggressive, and it gives a premium feel. It has a built-in spoiler to improve aerodynamics and is DOT certified, so you don’t have to worry about its safety while riding. It is one of the lightweight modular helmets in the market, weighing about 3.10 lbs.

It packs an integrated Speed-View drop-down sun visor with a smooth operating mechanism. The helmet’s face shield is coated with Everclear no fog coating, which comes in very handy while driving in winters. Scorpion has also given the speaker cutouts in the interior of this helmet. If you are a commuter who uses speakers on the go, you will love this helmet because it does not create any pressure points.

The upper vent mechanism of the helmet has been redesigned. It is now optimized for the upright to three-quarter positions. The back of the helmet houses a 10mm exhaust vent, which pulls all that moist air out of your helmet. The KwikWick II inner liner supports anti-microbial property to absorb your sweat away and keep you warm in winters and cool in summers.

To support that modular functionality, the chin of the helmet sits on a metal hinge. It is a nice add on for the price that you are paying. The helmet has an intermediate oval shape, not overly round, not overly narrow. It just fits right on. The shell uses a premium polycarbonate material, which helps in making the helmet lightweight.

Overall, this is an excellent helmet that packs a lot of features of a premium segment helmet.

6- HJC IS-Max 2 Modular Helmet

The HJC IS-MAX 2 falls under the budget helmets category. It is a sport-touring modular helmet with an excellent updated scheme to the aerodynamics and profile. You can also use it as an open face helmet with its single-button face shield release system. It weighs about 3.8 lbs, which is a reasonable limit for a modular helmet.

In HJC motorcycle helmets, the IS in the helmet’s name means that the helmet has an internal Sun Visor. So, if you see IS in any of the HJC helmet’s names, then know that it has an integrated sun visor. The IS-MAX 2 is equipped with a smoked tinted sun visor with a locking mechanism. This sun visor can be adjusted in three different configurations with a slider located on the top of it.

The helmet’s size is an intermediate oval, which fits right in the sweet spot. It has a symmetrical shell, which makes it more aerodynamic and robust. The ventilation actuation has gotten much better in this helmet. There are two vents on the rear and two on the front. A nice tight gasket is used for a better seal from nature. Unlike their previous helmets, they have used a metallic mechanism for interlocking.

The neck roll and cheek pad are integrated, giving you better comfort and quietness. They left an extra space to install a clamp mount system for the Bluetooth or camera along with the neck roll. There are cutouts present inside the helmet for internal speakers to not cause any discomfort.

There are two snaps at the helmet’s chin, which allows you to pop an aftermarket breath box or a chin curtain. The HJC IS-MAX 2 delivers a lot of functionality and is not going to break the bank.

7- BILT Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Evolution Modular Helmet

BILT Techno 2.0 Evolution is a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet that also packs the features of modular motorcycle helmets. It has an internal Sun Visor and a fully integrated Bluetooth communication device. Being a modular helmet, you can open and close the chin bar as you wish to do so. It is packed with a ton of features, and it’s going to be an excellent option for anyone who spends most of their time in that up riding position.

This modular helmet consists of an active vent at the chin, two active vents at the top of the helmet, and few exhaust vents at the back. This combination will pull the helmet’s humid air through the EPS to keep you comfortable and cool when you are riding.

There are variations to the face shield. For instance, if you want to maximize the airflow, you can set the shield accordingly and maintain eye protection. The Sun Visor is a great addition to this helmet. It helps eliminate the need to carry around an additional shield. You can simply retract the shield inside when you don’t want it and engage it when you want extra protection from the sun by pushing the toggle on the left-hand side.

A microphone is connected to the DWO Sena Bluetooth communication device. You turn it on, connect it to your smartphone, and you are ready to communicate with your fellow riders or passengers. You can listen to music and get directions from the GPS. There are a lot of benefits that these communication systems provide. You’ve got eight hours of talk time, seven hours of standby time.

The Techno modular helmet interior consists of a removable and washable liner so you can take everything out of this helmet, wash it, and pop it back in. It makes the helmet stay nice and fresh for the duration of its life. It also has an integrated chin curtain that helps to block out unwanted wind noise and air.

For those looking for motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth with an internal sun visor, this could be an excellent option for you.

8- Arai XD-4 Helmet

Arai is one of the most renowned motorcycle helmet manufacturers in the world. Every Arai helmet is hand-built in Japan. The XD4 is a dual-sport helmet, which means that it’s a combination of Off-Road and a Full-Face helmet. The helmet’s exterior is like an off-road helmet, but the comfort inside resembles the full-face helmet.

It is a great option that works well in the streets as well as on the trail. This premium quality helmet features a comfortable interior with an FCS cheek pad design. What’s unique about this design is that it has 5mm peel-away temple pads. These pads can be removed to make more room inside the helmet for better adjustability. Similarly, there is also a peel-pad in the comfort liner, which can be removed too.

The shell uses Complex Laminate Construction, which aids in making the helmet strong and lightweight. The fit of the helmet is an intermediate oval, which fits best for most people. You can use this helmet in three different configurations, with peak removed, shield removed peak on, or both off.

The strong points of this helmet are its ventilation and aerodynamics. The lower vents have been improved from the front, and brand-new brow vents have been added to the shield. It has a free flow mechanism in the chin vents that sucks the moist air out of the helmet, resulting in low fog. It has six holes inside the helmet and four exhaust vents in the back to get rid of all the moist and hot air.

Arai has put some effort into making this helmet a perfect one for the real enthusiasts. Both DOT and Snell approved, the XD4 can be worn anywhere, whether it’s a track or a mountain. Moreover, it also has quick-release cheek pads, which can come in handy in an emergency. If you have a question in mind, What is the safest helmet for motorcycles? then we would not be wrong, saying that the XD4 is considered one of the safest motorcycle helmet.

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