Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Riding solo has its merits, but sometimes you want to stay connected on the road. Bluetooth motorcycle helmets bridge that gap – combining protection with integrated tech that lets you take calls, stream music, and chat with fellow riders via wireless intercom.

But which models truly deliver? In this guide, we’ll evaluate the top Bluetooth helmets that successfully fuse communications with durability and comfort.

Discover boundary-pushing designs like the Klim Krios with its carbon fiber Sena Bluetooth integration for adventure-ready connectivity. See how BILT and Bell accommodate third-party communicators in their sporty street and touring lids. Learn which options nail audio basics with crisp microphones and speakers.

A great Bluetooth helmet must be more than just its wireless capabilities. We’ll assess noise reduction, ventilation, safety certifications, and premium comfort amenities. The ultimate option should enhance enjoyment, not distract.

Whether using voice commands, getting GPS directions, jamming to music, or chatting with your crew, Bluetooth connectivity amplifies the motorcycle experience. Join us as we cut past the hype to reveal the best Bluetooth helmets that actually live up to their promises on the road.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Lineup

Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet
Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet
  • Features: Sena SRL Communication System | Aerodynamic Shell Design | Flip-Up Face Cover | Built-in QSV-1 inner sun shield | Noise Isolator cheek pads | 3D Interior Liner System | 360º Pivot Locking System | Comfortable and easily adjustable
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BILT Techno 2.0 Sena Helmet
BILT Techno 2.0 Sena Helmet
  • Features: Integrated SENA DWO-5 Bluetooth | Automatic audio boost | Hi-tech polycarbonate shell | Internal drop-down sun shield | Chin mounted airflow ventilation | Up to 8 hour talk time | E.Q.R.S. System | DOT Certified
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Sena Cavalry Bluetooth Helmet
Sena Cavalry Bluetooth Helmet
  • Features: Fiberglass composite shell | Advanced sound processing | Hands-Free Profile | Built-in FM radio | Two shell sizes | Bluetooth 4.1 | DOT Certified
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Sedici Strada II Parlare Helmet
Sedici Strada II Parlare Helmet
  • Features: DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber shell | Dual-density EPS liner | SENA DWO-6 Bluetooth | Integrated Sun Visor | Remote control capable | HD intercom and phone | DOT & ECE Certified
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Sena Savage Bluetooth Helmet
Sena Savage Bluetooth Helmet
  • Features: Composite fiberglass shell | Multi-Density EPS liner | Bluetooth 4.1 | Talk time: 11 hours | Built-in SBC codec | 1600 meters range | DOT Certified
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Sena Momentum Lite Helmet
Sena Momentum Lite Helmet
  • Features: Composite fiberglass shell | Bluetooth 4.1 | Talk time: 27 hours | Moisture-wicking interior | 1600 meters range | Video recording time: 2 hours | DOT certified
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Klim Krios Sena Helmet
Klim Krios Sena Helmet
  • Features: Arai’s R75 shell | Carbon-Fiber construction | Sena Bluetooth technology | Klimatek Fabric liner system | GPS directions | Communication up to 1 mile | 10 hours talk time | ECE and DOT approved
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Bell Mag 9 Sena Helmet
Bell Mag 9 Sena Helmet
  • Features: Lightweight polycarbonate shell | Accommodate Sena SMH10 | Tool-free shield changes | Convenient speaker pockets | Removable and washable interior | Contour cheek pads for comfort | DOT Certified
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8 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

The reviews for the best motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth are listed above;

1. Shoei Neotec 2 – Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Neotec 2 - Modular Helmet With Bluetooth

Shoei Neotec 2 is one of the Bluetooth helmets with a flip front while providing the safety features of a full-face helmet. What makes it different from its predecessor is Shoei has introduced a double rain seal, so you don’t have to worry about water ingress through the visor. Along with the visor, it now supports the integration of the Sena SRL Bluetooth system.

The Bluetooth system houses very stealthily on the helmet making no bulkier spots. It features 10 hours of talk time and 7 days of stand-by time. However, it is a little tedious to install but in our opinion, it’s worth it.

Shoei Neotec 2 is legal to ride in an open-face position, thanks to double homologation. It is P&J-rated, which means they test it in both open and closed positions to make sure it is safe during a crash. Shoei has also made some changes to the cheek pads. They have added some extra cushion that fits around your cheeks, so it makes a better seal. Similarly, it helps you to have a custom fit and keeps the excess noise out.

It has a five-ply matrix shell. A drop-down integrated sun shield that is lever-operated. Moreover, it provides 99% protection from UV radiation. It has a micro ratchet chin strap, which is simple and easy to operate. Above all, it packs an integrated comms kit, so you don’t have to plug inside or bolt anything onto the outside.

Shoei Neotec is the helmet for every situation, and it pretty much covers every situation from highways to off-roading. It is definitely the helmet for long rides because of the comforting interior.

  • Very Quiet
  • Comfortable
  • Amazing Noise Suppression
  • Good Ventilation
  • Pinlock anti-fog face shield
  • Slightly Heavy
  • The Bluetooth System has to be bought separately

2. BILT Techno 2.0 – Sena Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

BILT Techno 2.0 - Sena Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

If you are a helmet enthusiast and looking for a sport-touring style helmet with a fully integrated Bluetooth system, the Bilt Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Helmet could be a great option. It uses Sena DWO-5 technology to keep you connected to your fellow riders. It supports up to eight hours of talk time and seven days of standby time with a Universal intercom that works across all the brands. It also features an automatic audio boost in noisy environments, GPS navigation instructions, and voice-operated phone communication.

The Shell is in an oval shape and is made from hi-tech polycarbonate materials. It has a spring-loaded face shield and an internal dropdown sun visor. To overcome the issue of shield fogging, it has a removable breath guard and a lining with a chin deflector. Although it takes care of the fogging issue, it fails to make the helmet quiet.

This motorcycle Bluetooth helmet weighs 3.95 pounds, a bit heavier. It houses two chimney vents, a chin vent, and an exhaust vent at the back for ventilation. Aerodynamically, the shape is not ideal; however, it does not compromise on safety standards. The BILT Techno 2.0 Helmet is DOT-rated and is perfect for those who want a helmet with modern features but are on a budget.

  • Value for Money
  • Four way intercom
  • Advances Noise Control
  • Built-in speakers and mike
  • Loud wind noise

3. Sena Cavalry – Bluetooth Half Helmet

Sena Cavalry - Bluetooth Half Helmet

Sena is one of the best Bluetooth helmet manufacturers. Therefore, if you are looking for an open-face half helmet with Bluetooth functionality, then Sena Cavalry is definitely the one. It is engineered with 4.1 Bluetooth with Sena 10R. The working distance is up to 900 meters, and you can pair it up with 4 riders simultaneously. It has built-in speakers and a microphone. The microphone works pretty well since it’s an open-face helmet, so you have to speak a little loud to communicate.

You can connect it to your smartphone (both iPhone and Android through Sena App) and listen to music for up to 10 hours. The Bluetooth is water-resistant, so you can use the helmet in heavy rain. It also has a built-in FM radio with RDSAF (Radio Data System Alternate Frequencies).

This Sena Bluetooth Helmet is engineered with advanced noise control and wind noise reduction. The voice quality is quite impressive considering it’s an open-face helmet, but over 60-70 miles per hour, it gets a bit noisy. There are pressure-mounting ear plates on each side of the helmet for wind-blocking, and it also redirects sound down into your ears.

The Sena Cavalry is a Bluetooth half helmet with an aerodynamic shape and is made from fiberglass composites. The helmet weighs 2.24 lbs and is considered one of the lightest motorcycle helmets. It’s super comfortable and fits well. Although it is a half helmet, it scores full points for DOT certification. So, if you are interested in half helmets, then we would definitely recommend this one.

  • Built in speakers and mike
  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Advances Noise Cancelation
  • No face shield or sun visor

4. Sedici Strada II – Parlare Helmet

Sedici Strada II - Parlare Helmet

Sedici Strada II Parlare Helmet is an aerodynamic full-face motorcycle helmet designed to reduce lift and turbulence. It is a very stylish and comfortable helmet, and that fiberglass construction shaves off some weight too.

Sedici Strada ll has an intermediate oval shape that would fit perfectly for most audiences. It weighs 3.3 lbs and packs a SENA DWO-6 Bluetooth v4.1 system. It has a universal intercom so you can connect it to every brand and has a range of up to 1000m. It has 7 days of standby battery time and up to 8 hours of talk time with built-in FM radio.

Now let’s talk about other features of the helmet. The cheek pads are designed in a way that provides a snug fit. This helps in making the helmet quieter and warmer, but it also becomes a little difficult while wearing or removing the helmet. Other than this, the internals is made of antimicrobial and smooth textured materials.

It has multiple vents that allow fresh air to ventilate throughout the helmet. But still, in hot climates, it can get a little warm inside it. To counter that, Sedici allows you to remove the chin curtain. The helmet also comes with a dropdown sun visor and a 2D racing-style face shield that is pin-lock ready. However, the chin vent does a good job of defogging even if the pin lock is not installed.

The Sedici Strada II is a reasonably lightweight helmet that is both DOT and ECE-certified. If you are on a restricted budget and want a quieter helmet than most of the helmets at this price point, then do consider this one.

  • Lightweight
  • Integrated Sun visor
  • Good Ventilation
  • Water Ingress through the visor

5. Sena Savage – Harley Bluetooth Helmet

Sena Savage - Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The motorcycle helmet Bluetooth technology has been out for quite a while now. Sena Savage takes advantage of that technology and offers a built-in 4.1 Bluetooth intercom system. The Bluetooth range is up to 1600 meters in open terrain and is one of the best out there. You can connect it to 3 other devices. It also allows you to perform multiple tasks using its command system, which is an excellent option.

Bluetooth is controlled by two buttons, one is for the phone, and the other is a jog dial. It has an Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) & Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), so you can share your music with riders while riding. Another amazing feature of this helmet is the integrated speakers and microphone. It takes three hours to completely charge, and it has 11 hours of talking time. You can further tweak this using the Sena smartphone app.

Sena savage has a composite fiberglass shell, which makes it lightweight and strong. It weighs 1100 grams and is DOT and ECE-approved. It has no dropdown visor, but it comes with two peaks, a large one and a small one. Since it is an open-face helmet, so there are no vents, you would be getting a lot of air nonetheless.

The interior has a Multi-density EPS liner, removable cheek pads, neck protection, and a double D-ring chin strap. Overall it is a great value and a very comfortable helmet.

  • Awesome retro look
  • Excellent noise canceling and intercom quality
  • Good sounding speakers
  • Not for highway speeds

6. Sena Momentum Lite – Bluetooth Helmet

Sena Momentum Lite - Bluetooth Helmet

Sena Momentum Lite Bluetooth-Integrated Helmet is a four-way Bluetooth intercom helmet. It has an amazing battery time of 27 hours, and it takes only 2.5 hours to charge completely. It has a Sena 10s intercom, so you’ll be able to connect up to 4 fellow riders within a range of 1600 meters. It also has a built-in FM, microphone, speaker, voice control, and hands-free profile. Moreover, these Bluetooth helmet speakers are very nice sounding.

The helmet has a fiberglass shell, and it weighs 3.7 pounds, which is a bit heavier. If we look at the helmet’s interior, it has a removable comfort liner and cheek pads. The cheek pads are a little tight, so sometimes it’s difficult to talk, but at the same time, it doesn’t let the air & noise inside the helmet.

The face shield of the helmet has a pin lock system that prevents it from getting foggy. Moreover, it is also claimed to be anti-scratch. One of the major downsides of this helmet is that it has no dropdown sun visor. This feature can be convenient if you live in areas where the sun shines bright.

It packs two vents for ventilation, one at the top of the helmet and the other is the chin vent. Overall, if you are into Bluetooth intercom helmets, then Sena Momentum Lite definitely adds great value.

  • Lightweight
  • Reliably Quiet
  • Sound quality is good
  • Neck roll allows some air to make its way in

7. Klim Krios Sena 10U – Stealth Helmet

Klim Krios Sena 10U - Stealth Helmet

Klim Krios Sena 10U Stealth Helmet is a full-face helmet made for both adventure and street riding. You can quickly change the configuration for street riding or to the other three different riding modes. It has a Hand-laid full-carbon shell, featuring a wide carbon weave, which makes it lighter, weighing only 3.25 pounds.

Klim Krios is a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth Sena 4.0 four-way intercom technology with a range of 1600 meters. Sena 10U has advanced noise control, built-in FM radio, wireless remote control, music sharing, and voice prompts. It is both DOT and ECE-certified.

The helmet has an amazing interior made of Klimatic fiber liner, which has moisture-wicking abilities to keep the temperature cool. The polycarbonate visor of the helmet is pin-lock ready and is claimed to be anti-scratch.

It also has removable cheek pads and chin curtains, so washing them for maintenance is easy. Klim Krios has one of the best venting systems, i.e., it packs 10 vents in its chassis. Among other built-in Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, the Klim Krios Sena 10U Helmet is the most versatile, technologically advanced ADV and truly one of the best motorcycle helmets out there.

  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Great Aerodynamics
  • Good Fit
  • Can easily fit goggles
  • A bit expensive

8. Bell Mag 9 – Sena Communication Helmet

Bell Mag 9 - Sena Communication Helmet

Bell Mag 9 Sena Helmet is an open-face 3/4 touring helmet designed to accommodate the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth stereo headset intercom. The shell is made of polycarbonate and has an intermediate oval shape.

The SMH10 Bluetooth has a jog dial to control the volume and to forward or backward the tracks. The helmet has integrated speaker pockets, which makes it really easy to set up the speakers.

Although it is a ¾ helmet, its shape is very aerodynamic. It comes with a pre-installed peak, but you can use the helmet without it. The Mag 9 also comes with a dropdown sun visor and an easily removable shield.

It has velocity flow ventilation and is surprisingly quiet for an open-face helmet. It has a removable and washable interior and contour cheek pads, which are super comfortable.

The Bell Mag 9 has an awesome all-in-one design, is the best Bluetooth helmet, and is perfect for riders who don’t like to keep track of multiple communication units, sunglasses, face shields, etc.

  • Drop Down Sun Visor
  • Solid Construction
  • Cool looking
  • Good Ventilation
  • Decent for the price
  • Would be a tight fit for some users

Conclusion of Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Finding the perfect Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is about blending cutting-edge technology with premium comfort and protection. The options we’ve explored hit that sweet spot in different ways.

For many riders, a modular design like the Shoei Neotec 2 with its integrated Sena system offers the ideal versatility. You get a quiet, aerodynamic full-face lid that can flip up to open-face mode at stops. Other top modular picks are the Sedici Strada II and its Sena DWO-6 Bluetooth integration.

If you crave an ultra-premium adventure-touring option, the carbon fiber Klim Krios and its Sena 10U system stand apart. Barely tipping the scales at 3.25 lbs, it packs a touring-worthy Bluetooth range of 1600 meters.

For more budget-friendly street helmets, the BILT Techno 2.0 and Bell Mag 9 make clever use of third-party Sena and SMH10 Bluetooth communicators. You get quality helmet fundamentals at an affordable price point.

And let’s not forget Sena’s own branded helmets like the fiberglass Cavalry and Savage. With enhanced noise cancellation and audio tailored for open-face designs, they prove you don’t need a full-face lid for a premium Bluetooth experience.

No matter which option you choose, the ability to wirelessly connect to music, phone calls, and most importantly, fellow riders, transforms the solitary nature of motorcycling. With the right Bluetooth helmet seamlessly integrating technology, every ride becomes an opportunity to enhance the journey through connectivity.