Top 7 Best Motorcycle Helmets for Kids

Tiny adventurers deserve epic protection! Choosing the right motorcycle helmet for your child might seem daunting, but fear not! We’ll guide you through the must-haves, answer your burning questions, and help you find the perfect helmet that keeps your little daredevil safe, comfy, and stoked to hit the road.

Safety first, fun always! Look for helmets boasting DOT or ECE certification, like an extra layer of superhero armor for their noggins. Remember, a snug, comfy fit is key – a loose helmet is like a useless shield.

Imagine your child taking a tumble – the helmet’s their knight in shining armor! That’s why a strong, lightweight shell and a soft, cushiony liner are crucial. Picture them riding, cool breeze through their hair, thanks to the helmet’s breathable ventilation.

Style matters too! Vibrant colors, fun graphics, and character designs make helmet-wearing a blast, while bright colors enhance visibility on the road. Remember, safety and style can go hand-in-hand!

Now, let’s explore specific styles, features, and brands to match your child’s riding passion and personality. With the right gear, your little rider can embark on countless safe, confident, and stylish adventures! Buckle up, tiny hero – the road awaits!

Best Kids Motorcycle Helmets Lineup

YEMA YM-915 Helmet
YEMA YM-915 Helmet
  • Features: Aerodynamic ABS Shell | Multi-density EPS | Breathable and Comfortable | Reinforced Chin Strap | Quick Release Buckle | Removable Inner Linings | Durable Aerodynamic Helmet Suits | FMVSS -218 and DOT approved
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Typhoon Helmets Combo
Typhoon Helmets Combo
  • Features: Smaller shell size | Weighs 3 lbs. | 3 point sun visor | Panoramic eyeport | Adjustable Visor | Interior airflow and rear exhaust vent | E.Q.R.S. System | DOT Certified (FMVSS 218)
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HJC CL-Y Youth Helmet
HJC CL-Y Youth Helmet
  • Features: Integrated ventilation system | Plush, Nylex interior | Flush-mounted shield | Ratchet system | Large eye port design for maximum visibility | Washable and Removable | DOT Certified
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ILM Modular Kids Helmet
ILM Modular Kids Helmet
  • Features: High Resistance ABS Shell | Modular Flip-Up Function | Anti-Fog and Wide View Visor | Integrated LED lights | Sleek and Lightweight Design | Micrometrically Adjustable Strap | DOT Certified
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Vega Helmet for Kids
Vega Helmet for Kids
  • Features: Drop Down Sun Shield | Custom size adjustment feature | Tech Wick-Dri Liner System | Feature Loaded | Channeled EPS for increased cooling | Five Years Warranty | DOT Certified
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LS2 Youth Helmet
LS2 Youth Helmet
  • Features: Kinetic Polymer Alloy shell | Multi-port flow-through ventilation | Multi-density EPS liner | Moisture-wicking interior | One shell size | Easily removeable and washable | DOT and ECE 22.05 certified
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WOW Kids Full Face Helmet
WOW Kids Full Face Helmet
  • Features: Thermoplastic Alloy Shell | 3 position ventilation channels | Glossy UV Protective Finish | Removable and Washable Padding | Top and front ventilation control | Light Weight Durable Aerodynamic | DOT approved
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Best Kids Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

Following are the reviews for above listed best kid’s motorcycle helmets;

1. YEMA YM-915 – Kids Motorcycle Helmet

YEMA YM-915 - Kids Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is an excellent option for someone concerned about the helmet not fitting properly because the size chart given is very accurate and helps the buyer select what is suitable for their head size. The vent system works great – the head doesn’t get sweaty, and it is very breathable, so the person wearing it doesn’t feel claustrophobic, great choice for hot temperatures.

Along with that, the suggested goggles complete the look. And talking of looks, this helmet looks great on the head, very aesthetically pleasing. Coming in the colors of black, black white, and green for kids – which is an excellent thing for visibility and it also attracts the kids. The chin strap works well for quick release. It is also pretty lightweight, weighing only around 2.8 pounds.

The removable inner liner makes it great for cleaning and washing. It keeps the helmet bacteria-free, a significant concern if you are buying it for some kids. It is DOT-certified and meets their safety standards, so one can assume it’s safe for everyone, whether it be a child or an adult.

The streamlined shape is something beneficial for people who like going fast and having a feeling of going fast. The aerodynamic build of the shell helps reduce air resistance and increase a feeling of speed. One can say it’s the right choice but has some flaws, like, if you are looking for something with built-in goggles; for example, this helmet is not for you. Overall a pretty decent choice.

  • Fits very well
  • Pretty comfortable in hot climates
  • Amazing protection during collisions
  • Very attractive price
  • Visor screws need a bit tightening after a ride or two, they tend to get lose
  • Although it fits pretty well but for that you have to get a larger size than your regular size

2. Typhoon Youth – ATV Kids Helmet Combo

Typhoon Youth - ATV Kids Helmet Combo

Right off the bat, the first thing that we noticed about this helmet is how comfortable it is. Children love it because it doesn’t hurt them or disturb them much on their heads. A great choice for kids ATV helmets. Recommended for training.

Again with this youth ATV helmet, we have a very accurate size chart, which works very well and makes choosing the size easy. One thing noticed is that this helmet isn’t very padded, whether that is something you prefer or not – it can be presumed to be a little unsafe to some people, but it also depends on what the buyer prefers. It does meet the DOT security standards, which is sort of an assurance that it is, in fact, a safe helmet.

The lining inside is removable and washable, which could help in keeping the helmet clean and odor-free. The helmet bag is included, which is something to be appreciated. It’s a great option for children because it’s lightweight and easy to carry. The vents do their job well, keeping the inside of the helmet cool. It is equipped with a standard chin strap, D-ring closure, and strap keeper. It weighs just under 3 pounds. It provides a panoramic view to the wearer. The soft interior adds to its comfort and makes it a very suitable option for children. Would say that it is one of the best ATV helmets for kids.

  • Perfect Combination for the price
  • The quality is great
  • Great looks. Bright & Vivid
  • Removable facial pads for more room and comfort
  • It is a bit heavy although, the quality is great
  • It would be difficult fitting the gloves if you have slightly larger hands

3. HJC CL-Y – Kids Motorcycle Helmet

HJC CL-Y - Youth Motorcycle Helmet

The subtle finish of this helmet is the first thing that catches the eye. Aerodynamic shell construction adds tenfold to its beauty. It comes in different sizes to fit all head shapes, from small to large. Although, sizing can be an issue for some when buying this helmet it would fit very well for an intermediate oval head shape. It is pretty lightweight, only around two pounds for a large size, so it’s a good choice for someone looking for a lightweight helmet that is also safe.

Speaking of safety, it is DOT-certified, which means it meets most of the safety standards. It gives a sort of Space Helmet feel because of the graphics printed on it. Futuristic graphics and a fine gloss finish make it look very sci-fi. But not something that’s too cheesy – not costume-like.

It has dual air vents for good airflow and ventilation, which do their job well. The front has another vent near the chin, which keeps the face cool. Again, we have a removable lining with this one, which makes it washable. Hence, allows us to keep the helmet clean from the inside. Another great thing about the helmet is that the face shield is UV and scratch-resistant. So, a reasonable choice for kids who are looking forward to buying a new helmet.

  • Well made
  • Wide field of view
  • Fairly good ventilation
  • Good Ventilation
  • Some users had build issues but that issue might not be with every helmet

4. ILM Modular – DOT Helmet For Kids

ILM Modular - DOT Kids Helmet

An excellent choice for youth helmets. It has all the necessary features that a helmet should have. It is impact absorbent and DOT certified, which is a very good point for safety. The visor is anti-fog, which is something awe-inspiring to be seen. The wide panoramic view visor makes it great to look all around you while riding your bike. The quick-release strap is very convenient and also has a chin guard for additional safety.

The curtains with the chin guard block most of the cold air entering the helmet and even reduce the wind noise. It comes in ten different colors for kids of different aesthetic senses and styles. The wide array of colors makes it an attractive choice. It is also equipped with lightweight chin pads to keep everything comfortable.

The inner lining is detachable and washable. The main feature of this helmet is the dual visor. One visor is clear, while the other one is tinted and acts as sunglasses to protect the eyes from harsh sunlight. The entire front is flippable, which is not seen in many other helmets and is unique to this helmet. It comes in medium size, so sizing can be a small issue. It has a beautiful sleek aerodynamic design to it, which is very attractive and helpful too.

  • Great value for money
  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Minimal wind noise
  • Good Ventilation
  • The visor screws have tendency to get loose

5. Vega Helmet – Cheap Kids Motorcycle Helmet

Vega Helmet - Cheap for Kids

Vega offers a beautiful half-helmet. This is not a very bulky helmet, so it’s suitable for people who prefer smaller-sized helmets. It also looks very well, and more importantly, it feels comfortable. This helmet also has hidden goggles that slide down from the top inside the helmet. They aren’t removable, but they tuck neatly inside the helmet.

There are no compromises made on its safety. It is DOT-certified as well as very lightweight. It weighs only about 2.1 pounds. The great thing about sizing with this helmet is that it is adjustable. One can set the size to fit perfectly on their head using the adjusters on the back of the helmet. It comes in five different colors and sizes to choose from. Another pro for this helmet is the five-year warranty that it comes with.

The speaker pockets on the sides are a great feature too. Good and comfortable on the ears even when the speakers are installed. It’s one of the best motorcycle helmets, and you wouldn’t be able to find such a thing at this reasonable price. It’s very comfortable and does not get very hot.

  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Quick release strap is a great addition
  • It packs the space for speakers too
  • The drop down visor is a bit blurry

6. LS2 Youth Gate – Jarhead Youth Helmet

LS2 Youth Gate - Jarhead Youth Helmet

The most attention-grabbing thing about this helmet is its style, wonderfully balanced, bright, and contrasts great colors. It improves the already existing aesthetic quality of this helmet.

The front is large enough to fit practically any size of goggles, a great feature for kids who like to wear large goggles. It is very airy and breathable, and the vents on the helmet work very well. As it is a well-ventilated helmet, it would not be the best choice for winter because it doesn’t retain much heat. Therefore, if you looking to grab a helmet for summer, it would be an excellent choice.

The visor does a great job of protecting the eyes from the sun. Although sizing had been a problem; therefore, we recommended getting a size up from what you usually get. The aerodynamic design is very well and helpful. It is DOT-certified, so there should be no doubts about the build quality. The KPA shell makes it an attractive option. Along with many colors, it also comes in different graphics. Do take a look at it, it’s very cool.

  • Great Quality
  • Comfortable
  • Great Aerodynamics
  • A bit noisy

7. WOW Kids – Full Face Kids Helmet

WOW Kids - Full Face Helmet

This is a helmet that comes with fantastic quality. The manufacturer has given keen attention to make it safe and ensure the quality of the product. However, it is a bit on the heavier side. The tinted visor makes it look beautiful, a perfect product for the price stamp.

Being DOT certified, it is a very safe helmet, so people who are conscious about safety can buy this helmet and not be as concerned. The aerodynamic design helps with the speed by reducing air resistance while riding the bike. Along with all that, it is a very comfortable helmet, sits nicely on the head, and is breathable. The removable lining ensures cleaning and washing hence keeping the inside of the helmet clean and odor-free.

The beautiful glossy finish of the full-face helmet shell adds tenfold to its overall beauty. And again, for safety, there is improved head protection as well. Seven ventilation ducts make the helmet very breathable, and keep everything cool. The quick-release buckle is also pretty neat.

It is highly recommended for children and kids as it is beautiful safe, and very comfortable. The well-cushioned insides make it very comfortable for the wearer. Overall a good purchase for the price recommended choice.

  • Great Quality Helmet
  • Cool designs
  • Good Noise Suppression
  • The sizing is not so good so better measure your head to cross check with the size chart

Sizing Guide

Choosing the right size of a motorcycle helmet for kids is just as important as caring for the safety that the helmet provides. Most helmets retailed online will give you a size chart that helps in choosing the right size. Just measure your child’s head’s diameter and match the size to the closest size on the size chart. Sometimes getting a larger size for the child is better than getting a number smaller. Ensure the helmet fits the child well on arrival; otherwise, it can be of no use. The helmet should not slide off the head, nor should it barely fit the head.

FAQs of Best Kids Motorcycle Helmets

Q: My child hates wearing helmets. How can I make it more appealing?

A: Let them choose their helmet! Many brands offer vibrant colors, fun graphics, and even character designs. Remember, bright colors enhance visibility too!

Q: What safety certifications should I look for?

A: Look for helmets boasting DOT or ECE certification. These rigorous standards ensure top-notch protection. Consider MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) for added rotational impact defense.

Q: How do I ensure a proper fit?

A: It’s crucial! Measure your child’s head accurately (snug, not suffocating!) and consult the size chart. A helmet that fits comfortably and securely is essential for optimal protection.

Q: My child is between sizes. Should I size up or down?

A: Generally, it’s safer to size up. A loose helmet won’t protect as effectively. Remember, you can always add snug-fitting cheek pads for a more tailored feel.

Q: What materials make a good helmet?

A: Look for a strong, lightweight shell made from polycarbonate or ABS plastic. The inner liner should be soft and absorbent, like a cushiony cloud, to shield your child’s head in case of impact.

Q: Do helmets need good ventilation?

A: Absolutely! Helmets with ventilation systems allow air to flow freely, keeping your child cool and focused on the ride, not battling helmet-induced heatstroke.

Q: Are there helmets with visors or goggles?

A: Yes! Many helmets come with visors or have features compatible with goggles. Choose whichever option best suits your child’s riding style and preferences.

Q: Can a cool helmet still be safe?

A: Of course! Look for helmets that balance safety features with fun designs and colors. Remember, a child who loves their helmet is more likely to wear it consistently.