Best Low Profile Motorcycle Helmets – Dot Approved

Peel off the bobblehead!

Cafe racers and motorcycle mavericks, low-profile helmets are your new best friends. Sleek style meets essential DOT-approved protection, but with tons of options, choosing the “best” feels like navigating a blind mountain pass. Fear not, riders! This guide unveils the secrets to finding your perfect low-profile helmet – a lid that screams safety and head-turning vibes.

Imagine this!

wind in your hair, asphalt flying by, and a helmet that feels like a natural extension of your badassery, not a bulky burden. That’s the magic of low-profile helmets. They ditch the “mushroom head” look with minimal padding, maximizing aerodynamics, and pure riding bliss. But don’t be fooled by the looks – the DOT certification ensures your chosen helmet meets top safety standards.

So, which low-profile lid reigns supreme?

Buckle up as we explore the hottest contenders, their unique features, comfort levels, and price points. Remember, the “best” helmet is your style and riding needs on two wheels. From vintage enthusiast to modern speed demon, get ready to discover your perfect low-profile soulmate! Forget generic safety talk – we’ll keep it real: protection, comfort, and effortless cool on every ride.

Stay tuned, tighten your grip, and prepare to meet your low-profile helmet match!

We’ll be diving into specific options, and technical specs, and answering your burning questions to help you make an informed and stylish choice. Remember, the road awaits, and it’s time to rule it in style and safety!

Best Low Profile Helmets Comparison Table

GMax GM65 Helmet
GMax GM65 Helmet
  • Features: Thermo-plastic poly alloy shell | Retractable hard coated UV400 sun shield | No-spring design for Sun Visor | Tinted sun shield | Dual density EPS | Removable snap-in curtain | DuPont Coolmax comfort Liner | DOT approved
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BELL Scout Air Helmet
BELL Scout Air Helmet
  • Features: Composite Tri-Matrix Shell | Low Profile Design | Extremely Lightweight | Scout’s Honor | Includes two peak visors | Five-year warranty | DOT Approved
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Bell Custom 500 Helmet
Bell Custom 500 Helmet
  • Features: Low Profile Retro Look | 5 shell and EPS liner sizes | Padded chin strap | D-ring closure | Multi Density EPS liner | Leather D-ring pull tab | DOT certified
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AFX FX-89 Helmet
AFX FX-89 Helmet
  • Features: Thermoplastic poly alloy shell | Square type D-ring | Clear coat finish to protect paint | Hypo-allergenic | Anti-microbial nylon liner | Chin strap holder | One Year Warranty
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Sena Cavalry Helmet
Sena Cavalry Helmet
  • Features: Fiberglass composite shell | Advanced sound processing | Hands-Free Profile | Built-in FM radio | Two shell sizes | Bluetooth 4.1 | DOT Certified
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Scorpion EXO-C110 Helmet
Scorpion EXO-C110 Helmet
  • Features: Advanced polycarbonate shell | SpeedView retractable sun visor | KwikWick 2 anti-microbial liner | Aero-tuned ventilation system | Low profile peak visor | Pockets for speakers | DOT certified
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Bell Riot Helmet
Bell Riot Helmet
  • Features: Low-profile composite shell | Multi density EPS liner | Padded chin strap with D-ring | Anti-bacterial interior | NutraFog™ anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV-protected shield | Aluminum shield mounting hardware | DOT certified
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LS2 Spitfire Helmet
LS2 Spitfire Helmet
  • Features: Lightweight shell | Built-in sun shield | Hypoallergenic and Breathable Interior | 3D laser cut interior | Dry-Cool technology | Quick release chinstrap | DOT Certified
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HJC IS-Cruiser Helmet
HJC IS-Cruiser Helmet
  • Features: Lightweight Polycarbonate Composite Shell | Advanced CAD technology | HJ-V4 light-smoked sun shield | Moisture-wicking Nylex interior | Nylon strap D-Ring retention system | No frills, no fuss | DOT certified
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9 Best Low Profile Helmet Reviews

Following are the reviews for the above-listed best low-profile motorcycle helmets;

1. GMax GM65 – Low Profile Half Shell Helmet

GMax GM65 - Low Profile Half Shell Helmet

The GMax is one of the best-selling ultra-low-profile dot helmets out there. This product is simple yet possesses all the qualities you would look for in a smooth, functional, and handy helmet. No piece of equipment is more valuable and resourceful than a suitable helmet for your motorcycle.

The GMax GM65 Naked helmet has unique features rare to many other helmets. This product has a superior lightweight lift with adjustable and washable cheek pads. The interior sits down a little farther, which means it has a perfect fit as this is one of the biggest complaints by many people.

Similarly, one of its unique and interesting features includes a smoke Sun shield that can come down easily and offers UV protection. The helmet also comes with a clear visor, available in the box, that can be put on at any time, depending on the rider’s desire, convenient for night riding!

The helmet was initially designed for cruisers but is now widely used by a variety of people. The helmet also has a curtain that goes around the neck and comes in handy to keep a little warm during the night or if it’s windy. During the day, or when not required, the neck curtain can be easily removed.

The product is flexible when it comes to sizes; it also has solid colors like black, matte black, and white. It comes with five graphics in matt black; the pictures include roses, skulls, tribal art, etc. The model has a washable chin strap that can be removed. A cool max liner is also present in many of the Gmax helmets, and it stops your head from sweating into the liner. This again is removable and washable, as well as replaceable.

  • Simple, yet practical half helmet for a decent price
  • Extremely Light
  • The visors and liner are easy to remove
  • Although the helmet is great but the its visor is a little short

2. Bell Scout Air – Low Profile Dot Helmet

Bell Scout Air - Low Profile Dot Helmet

The Bell Scout Air helmet is no doubt the perfect accessory to complete your motorcycle gear. One of the first things you might notice about this helmet is that it provides more coverage than a half helmet. This product is extremely compact and comfortable, and it surpasses the requirements of both DOT and European ECE certification. Its 900-gram mass feels so light and feathery that it almost disappears on your head! This is probably the most lightweight helmet out there.

It is super lightweight and comes in five different shell sizes and liner sizes. What really would drive you to this helmet is that it consists of premium components and a matrix design is used rather than a polycarbon design. That is a really neat touch to it!

Similarly, it comes with two peaks in the box, with different visors. It has an intermediate oval shape that stays in line with the rest of the bell line. The helmet is open-faced, and its peaks are easily removable. Other than that, it’s fundamental but in a good way.

The interior liner is very soft and well-padded. It hugs the ears and heads comfortably. The only con of this low-profile dot-half helmet is that the helmet’s guts are non-removable, non-repairable, and non-washable. The shell extends down over the ear area where you can put speakers for communication. It’s 1 pound 13 ounce weight and has a lot to do with the construction of the exterior low profile shell.

  • Super lightweight
  • Cool retro design
  • Bang for the buck
  • Offers support for a Sun Visor
  • Not much protective

3. Bell Custom 500 – Low Profile Open Face Helmet

Bell Custom 500 - Low Profile Open Face Helmet

The epitome of a classic, retro-inspired ¾ helmet is none other than the Custom 500. Available in 5 shell sizes, the Custom 500 ensures a personalized fit for the rider. Its fit and finish are indeed impeccable, and the product comes with several visor accessories. This means you have an endless variety to personalize your helmet.

This best-selling US helmet was ECE-approved back in 2014. This helmet caters to pretty much anyone who is after a motorcycle helmet. The first thing to highlight that makes these so popular is that it is not just the fact that it comes with a five different shell size range, but it also ensures safety and does not compromise when it comes to performance.

The sizes available are extra small up to XL. It comes in a large variety of different colors and graphics options. The custom 500 utilizes a fiberglass composite shell construction. The helmet is specifically designed to sit lower on the head and comes with the opportunity to fit in a bubble shield, flat shield, or visor. It is not only ECE-certified but comes with DOT approval.

  • Excellent fit and comfortable
  • Unique classic look
  • Feels premium
  • best low profile dot approved motorcycle helmet
  • As the helmet sits low on the eyebrows, so it’s difficult to wear glasses

4. AFX FX-89 – Low Profile German Motorcycle Helmet

AFX FX-89 - Low Profile German Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is constructed with a low-profile shell design, using thermoplastic poly-alloy. It is a military-inspired helmet with a unique style. It provides minimal protection; however, it is still DOT-approved.

The AFX FX-89 is a poly-carb shell and 2 pounds 3 ounces, making it relatively light in weight. It comes in three different shell sizes, so this means the helmet will fit and shape differently depending on what size you get. There is an extensive range of sizes. Extra small to medium is the first shell size, large to 2 XL is the second extensive range, and finally, there is 3 XL to 5 XL.

The helmet has more of a neutral, oval shape, narrowed from the back and wider on the sides. The inside is relatively comfortable and can easily be removed by just pulling it off. The liner is designed with little stars to give it an extra flare.

Many riders are interested in the low-profile german style motorcycle helmet look. However, it is to be noted that the fit runs slightly small, and a perfect fit is not guaranteed.

  • Great quality, looks fantastic
  • Unique 18’s look
  • The liner is comfortable and plush
  • It sits nice and snug on your head
  • Though it is a unique helmet but it gives you a bit of an Abe Lincoln look

5. Sena Cavalry – Low Profile Bluetooth Helmet

Sena Cavalry - Low Profile Bluetooth Helmet

What is all that buzz behind the Cavalry helmet? Well, the Sena Cavalry is the first-ever integrated half helmet with Bluetooth. That’s right, and it comes with a built-in communication system. It’s the first of its kind to come with built-in communication controls and devices. It’s great because riders can use all these facilities without the hassle that comes with having to install a headset.

This one-of-a-kind Bluetooth motorcycle half helmet allows the riders to chat using the helmet intercom, with the range being up to 900 meters. You can also share music, listen to the FM radio, get the facility of listening to the GPS directions, and so much more. It is very convenient and trendy.

The quality is also impeccable as it gives access to crystal clear audio even at high speeds. The product is engineered to ensure reduced wind noise with the help of a noise-canceling microphone. It allows you to talk in a normal tone while you’re on your ride, whether it be a phone call or conversing with another rider.

For the construction of the shell, fiberglass is used, and it has a low-profile removable visor available. The charging time is up to 3 hours. Also, it is DOT-approved and approved by CE, FCC, and IC in terms of electronics. The system is completely water-resistant as it is all sealed.

So, if you happen to run through some adverse weather, it won’t be a problem. The Sena box includes a few gadgets that you can use to customize your ride. These include pads to keep your ears warm and a pair of side pods that direct the sound to your ears so you can hear better.

  • Built in speakers and mike
  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Advances Noise Cancelation
  • No face shield or sun visor

6. Scorpion EXO-C110 – Low Profile 3/4 Helmet

Scorpion EXO-C110 - Low Profile 3/4 Helmet

The interesting thing about the Scorpion EXO C110 helmet is that it not only looks cool but also keeps the head cool during long rides. It contains a dual-density EPS that protects the lower real skull by extending downwards. The unique chin strap design ensures that the helmet won’t come falling off your face, keeping the helmet intact. A peak visor and dark smoke drop-down sun visor come with the purchase of the helmet.

One of the first things you would notice about the helmet is that it has a relatively new and different shape. The shell itself is a polycarbonate composite, so it’s very lightweight. There’s also a low-profile peak visor around the front area.

This model comes with ventilation, and the helmet creates a suction of force that pulls air from the back and allows the air to circulate. This is a remarkable feature, fairly difficult to find in a half helmet.

Similarly, it consists of a built-in sun shield available in light and dark tint, blue, amber, ruby, and silver. It is a retractable sun shield that you can press to open or close. A bonus is that it is “no fog” and is resilient to scratches. The shields are replaceable with ease in case of damage.

Another great thing about the helmet is that it has got the Kwikwick 2 soft, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic fabric liner, which is replaceable and machine washable. The interior is built to be suitable in terms of hygiene compared to the previous models.

  • Light and very comfortable
  • The visor is pretty slick
  • The strap is not that comfortable

7. Bell Riot – Low Profile Harley Helmet

Bell Riot - Low Profile Harley Helmet

This helmet is perfect for capturing that retro nostalgia trend with a touch of current style trend. Bell is particularly effective in making you feel trendy and stylish on your bike. This three-quarter design is great for a sunny day with its simple nostalgic look.

The Riot shell is constructed with a composite material of low-profile fiberglass similar to that of the Custom 500. The shell is available in five different sizes, as well as the multi-density EPS liner. The sizes are perfect to suit almost any shape head. The liner is not exactly removable as it is kept firmly in place by the adhesive. However, if it gets too sweaty or uncomfortable, you can easily wipe the interior down thanks to the half helmet’s open-face design.

The helmet is generally rated a 9.8 out of 10, not because its quality is compromised but because it is considered extremely soft. The fit is fairly accurate but does not hug the head as most lids do. However, it can be worn all day without any real inconvenience or discomfort.

The shield can be removed without any difficulty and can be easily replaced by a new one. Similarly, in situations when you need to stop for a drink or chat with someone, the visor can move up and down with your preference; you need not remove the whole helmet. The availability of color choices is abundant; you can find matte black, gloss black, silver, and white. The Bell Riot usually comes with a one-year warranty.

  • Cool looking helmet, fits snug
  • Fit and finish is the best
  • Advances Noise Cancelation
  • Can get noisy for speeds more than 60 mph

8. LS2 Spitfire – Beanie Helmet Low Profile

LS2 Spitfire - Beanie Helmet Low Profile

The LS2 Spitfire is simple, it is reasonable, and it won’t break the bank! The helmet comes with a drop-down sun visor in a variety of colors, so your eyes can be protected against the sun. The model is DOT-approved and comes with an easy, quick-release strap. The helmet is measured to be about 2 pounds 9 ounces.

At the back, a belt is designed specially to hold goggles, but if not required, it can be removed. The design is very well thought out and firm. It is a polycarb helmet that is shaped, not too round, and not too oval. Efforts have been made to make this product compact and lightweight, so it does not feel too big on the head.

As mentioned earlier, the helmet is cost-effectively built for riders who are price-conscious. (To explore more budget options, click here!) Anyway, If you’re looking for something that does not cover the whole face, you might want to consider the LS2 Spitfire. It offers a micrometric fastener, sizes with a range of XS to XXL, a thermoplastic ABS shell, and is ECE certified.

The helmet not only looks good but has been positively reviewed by the vast majority of people who have used the model. It offers about the average level of protection as it is made by thermoplastic. The SHARP test data concludes that the lid does not provide the best protection that we would like to have. However, they have been tested and ensure that it will not crack open on the first fall. On the plus side, the helmet can considerably manage lower and higher impacts with its dual-density liner.

  • For the cost, it is truly an excellent value.
  • Excellent vision and overall look
  • Removable ear pads lets you make more room for your head
  • No sound deadening foam in the headliner

9. HJC IS-Cruiser – Half-Shell Helmet

HJC IS-Cruiser - Half Shell Helmet

A motorcycle helmet should not be picked based on what style of motorcycle you ride, but rather with what style YOU ride your motorcycle with. The IS- Cruiser half helmet is designed for the cruiser audience. It’s part of the IS family which means it has a retractable drop-down sun visor. The visor is of the utmost quality as it is not easily damaged or scraped while pulling it down.

When it comes to the shape, it is designed as an intermediate oval head shape. The helmet is, of course, DOT-rated, so it sits higher than most helmets. Some other noticeable features include a removable peak, clean lines along the sides, and a removable comfort liner.

The HJC graphic logo on the front is very subtle. It is made with non-contrasting colors, making it ideal for the less flashy riders. If you’re looking for a helmet with more color options, this is not for you.

The shell’s drop-down shape makes the rider feel more secure than other more basic designed helmets, and the shell itself is made of polycarbonate. The helmet is measured to be about 2.65 pounds and is incredibly comfortable. Sizes available for this product as of now range from XS to 2 XL.

It is expected that there to be more sizes shortly as this specific half helmet is increasingly popular. Similarly, most helmets don’t come with ventilation; however, the IS cruise most certainly does.

  • Great fit. Worth the money
  • Great vision, shaded visor is awesome
  • Feels comfortable & safe
  • Some people complaint about the strap that its uncomfortable

Benefits of Low Profile Motorcycle Half Helmets

Helmets are the best gear you can utilize to ensure your safety. A full-face helmet can at times be too much, which discourages riders from wearing any at all. So why not turn to a half helmet? It’s comfortable and will allow you to be at ease in terms of your safety. 

Enhanced Ventilation
The motorcycle half helmets are specially designed in such a way that you can feel the wind on your face while riding. This is great as these helmets don’t confine your face too much, and most of them even come with in-built ventilation systems. 

The motorcycle half helmets are strong and protective and simultaneously are light in weight. This feature is impeccable.

Key Features Before Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

To ensure that your helmet will provide you full protection, the helmet must fit on your head perfectly. If it’s too big on your head, you might not be protected much during an impact. Luckily, the half helmets come in a wide range of different sizes and shapes. So, you can pick your perfect fit! 

Wind noise
These helmets are designed to dampen wind noise as much as possible. However, it’s not always too successful, as the noise may not be completely blocked and can lead to damage to your hearing. Some helmets are better than others for this purpose. 

DOT- approved
Helmets that are approved by the Department of Transportation are safest to use without a doubt. This is because these half helmets are approved after undergoing a series of tests to ensure that they are top-notch production. 

It’s necessary to remove and regularly wash the liners for hygiene purposes. Otherwise, the liners may become dirty and sweaty.

Types of Motorcycle Low Profile Helmets

Many of the low-profile motorcycle half-helmets are DOT-approved. These helmets do not provide the same protection that a full-face or ¾ helmet can provide; however, they are still instrumental. When you wear the half helmet, your face is fully exposed, and there is not too much coverage for your neck. 

Traditional with a sun shield
Some brands introduce a visor or face shield to their lightweight half helmet. These visors are generally removable and replaceable. The in-built visors come in handy, shielding your eyes from dirt, wind, or rain. 

Top Brands

This is one of the top brands, expertly manufacturing helmets since 1971. One of the brand’s best models so far is the IS-Cruise half-shell helmet. It ensures top-tier quality with the promise of comfortable, stylish, and economical products. The headquarters are located in California. 

This company produced its first-ever motorcycle helmet back in 1954. The company itself started in 1923. It is known for being one of the only true authentic brands for the r production of such gear. It manufactures not only half helmets but also full-face helmets, dirt bikes, and open-face helmets.

Final Verdict

ln the above addressed low profile half motorcycle helmets are unique in design, comfort, and utility. Most of these helmets provide features that are absent in other well-known helmet models available. 

The Scorpion EXO C110 is the best option if you’re looking for something with excellent ventilation. If you want something for a trendy style, you are better off picking the Bell Riot Helmet, Bell Custom 500, Bell Scout Air Helmet, or the AFX FX-89 helmet.

However, the low-profile motorcycle half helmet that easily provides all essential features and equipment one could desire is present in none other than the Sena Cavalry Helmet. It’s perfect in terms of visor protection against the sun, style, and proper ventilation, and it comes with a built-in communication system. The communication module is a shallow profile, and not much of it sticks out from the helmet. The controls are placed at a location easily accessible to the rider. The microphone in the helmet ensures clear sound while canceling out other unnecessary noise from the surroundings. One of the best motorcycle helmets.

However, if you are not searching for too many advanced features and widgets, the simpler yet effective purchase option would be the GMax GM65 Helmet or the LS2 Spitfire Helmet. 

FAQs of Best Low-Profile Motorcycle Helmets

Are low-profile helmets safe? 

While not offering full-face protection, DOT-certified low-profile helmets provide adequate coverage for many riders, especially in urban environments.

What safety features should I prioritize? 

Look for DOT or other safety certifications, MIPS technology for rotational impact protection, and a snug, comfortable fit.

Do low-profile helmets offer good weather protection? 

No, they expose more of your face and head to wind and rain compared to full-face helmets.

How do I find a low-profile helmet that fits well?

Measure your head size accurately and consult sizing charts. Consider online retailers with return policies or visit local shops for expert fitting.

Will a low-profile helmet be comfortable for long rides? 

Look for helmets with comfortable liners and good ventilation. Consider your head shape and riding style when choosing.

What low-profile helmet styles are popular? 

Cafe racer, half, ¾, and jet helmets offer different aesthetics and coverage levels.

Can I use a communication system with a low-profile helmet? 

Yes, many have built-in speaker pockets or are designed for seamless integration with popular systems like Sena and Cardo.

What features should I look for in a low-profile helmet? 

Consider factors like visor options, noise reduction, and integrated sunshades depending on your riding needs.

How much do low-profile helmets cost? 

Prices vary depending on brand, safety features, and materials. Expect to spend between $100-$500+.

Where can I find reviews and comparisons? 

Check trusted motorcycle websites, YouTube channels with expert reviews, and user testimonial platforms.

Are there any legal restrictions on low-profile helmets? 

Always check your local traffic laws and helmet regulations for specific requirements.

What additional safety tips should I remember when riding with a low-profile helmet? 

Practice defensive riding, maintain awareness, obey speed limits, and adjust for weather conditions.