How to make a motorcycle Helmet Quieter?

The roar of your motorcycle’s engine, the rush of wind, and the thrill of the open road – that’s the freedom riders crave. But when excessive noise bombards your ears, it can quickly turn an exhilarating ride into an ear-splitting headache.

Motorcycle helmet noise is the nemesis of riders everywhere. That relentless buffeting and whistle as air leaks in through vents, visors, and gaps, steadily chipping away at your hearing with each mile. It’s enough to make you question if “born to be wild” is worth going deaf over.

But don’t lose hope yet! With some clever modifications using everyday household items, you can transform your noisy helmet into a serene sonic sanctuary. We’ll explore techniques to properly seal up entry points, add noise-dampening insulation, and optimize your lid for quiet, comfortable cruising.

From wearing humble earplugs to jerry-rigging high-tech memory foam, you’ll learn affordable DIY tricks to make wind noise a thing of the past. Discover how altering the positioning of your visor and neck curtain affects noise penetration. Find out if off-the-shelf quiet helmets truly live up to their hype.

Don’t resign yourself to permanent earringing after each ride. Join me as we silence that deafening roar and reclaim the tranquility of the two-wheeled life. With some ingenuity, you can enjoy the freedom of riding without sacrificing your hearing. Quiet, please – the road awaits.


how to make a motorcycle helmet quieter

Making your motorcycle helmet quieter is much easier than you might think. It can be done at home with your everyday use items! Following are a few techniques that can be used to reduce wind noise in your helmet.

Wear a properly fitted helmet

The very basic thing to do for effective noise reduction is simply getting a helmet that correctly fits your head! If your helmet fits properly and is not loose, there will be less wind and noise entering the helmet, and hence, your helmet will be quieter. We recommend trying out some full-face helmets because they provide a comfortable, secure fit with less noise.

Wear earmuffs under your helmet

Another comfortable way to make your helmet quieter is by wearing earmuffs. Especially if you live in a cold place, wearing earmuffs can not only make your helmet quieter but also keep your ears warm. Another benefit these have is that it gives your helmet a better fit by making it fit more snugly around your head. 

Wear earplugs under your helmet

Earplugs can be a biker’s best friend. You might be thinking why? It is simply because they are great at protecting your ears from harmful noises. Earplugs will neither feel uncomfortable nor will you need to adjust the size of your helmet.

Wear a scarf when you ride your motorcycle

Most of the wind that makes its way inside the helmet is through the bottom of the helmet. That wind creates a very unpleasant noise in the helmet. An effective way to reduce the amount of air getting in the helmet is by wearing a scarf around your neck and closing the gap between the helmet and your neck. 

Use a chin curtain on your helmet

If you are someone who does not like scarves, a chin curtain will come into use. If there is space between your helmet and your neck, you can use a chin curtain, which is extra padding that can be attached to the neck area. These are specially designed to prevent the air from getting inside your helmet. 

Stuff your helmet with fleece

If your helmet does not reduce any noise, the chances are that it does not fit your head properly. A simple way to tighten your helmet’s grip and also reduce noise is by using fleece. Take small fleece pieces and fit them behind your cheeks and in front of your ears. This will create a barrier between the wind and your ears and also make the helmet fit more properly around your head.

Adjust your face shield to block wind

Having your face shield in the perfect position and height can also significantly reduce noise. If your motorcycle has a face shield, then it can be used to your benefit. Experiment and see in which position the face shield works the best. If it is properly positioned, it will create a hurdle between the wind and your helmet and reduce noise.

Fill your earholes with memory foam

If you are uncomfortable using earplugs to reduce noise while riding your bike, use memory foam. Similar to fleece, this will not only reduce noise but will also make your helmet fit better.

Just cut two small pieces of memory foam and put them on your ears before sliding on your helmet. They will expand and adjust according to the fit of the helmet. 

Create a seal while closing your helmet

If there is any opening or space that allows air to enter your helmet, your helmet would be very noisy. So, it is best to close any gaps. The most important opening is, of course, the front, so make sure that you close your visor properly and tightly as most of the air enters the helmet if the visor is not properly closed.

Buy a quiet helmet

The last and the most obvious way to make your helmet quieter is by buying the perfect one for yourself. A helmet that fits properly, already has a chin curtain, and has a properly sealed visor will be the one that is quietest. Moreover, there are also helmets that come with extra padding. Therefore, while buying a helmet, make sure all these features are in it so that you do not have to go the extra mile trying to give your ears comfort while you ride your bike.

If you don’t know how to figure that out then we have a complete buying guide on how to get the best motorcycle helmets.


Making your motorcycle helmet quieter can make your riding experience much more fun. You can make your helmet quieter by using any of the above techniques. We have made sure that none of these affect the comfort of your helmet; as we know, that is what matters the most! 

So, make your motorcycle helmet quieter easily at home, and enjoy your ride!