Ultimate Guide to Custom Motorcycle Helmets

The making of a custom helmet specialized and tailored to user preference is hell of a task and lot of art and mechanics needs to be harmonized without compromising on the safety aspect and usability of the helmet. The rage for custom motorcycle helmets is especially high amongst the ever growing community of bikers and rallyists who want to present their identity with uniquely designed custom made helmets.

The custom helmets being unique as it is designed only for a limited number of users can never be produced in bulk and one has to expect a reasonably higher cost than the one’s available commercially where bulk production ensures price is kept low with law of averages making it possible for affordability. But, then to get exclusivity and unique identity experience, one must need to a pay a reasonable price. So lets get to the guidance of making custom motorcycle helmets.

First and foremost, safety and protection of the head must be the underlying feature of the helmet in any given circumstances and once this feature is ensured, then begins the art work for aesthetics and uniqueness of the custom helmet begins.

Airbrush with paint or simply apply decals  and the designing of aesthetics fall in place as one action leads to another evolving action and you might just end up with a better custom helmet than your originally thought to have.  A few options to custom the motorcycle helmets are listed below.

Getting the helmet painted is the first option as the art work can be expressed with colours and what better way than getting the colour combinations right as per your tastes.  One could always use their old helmet to do this option and save on being bothered about buying a new one and ripping it apart to add the art features.

Airbrushing the helmet is one way or using wet painting method is another way of getting your custom motorcycle helmet done. Having knowledge of how to airbrush yourself will save you time and money with the airbrushing work.

Hiring an expert painter to get it done is the best method if you have no idea of airbrushing with paint.  Never paint the helmet yourself you lack the expertise in painting. You will not only waste time but also end up with a poorly painted helmet which you will never use due to the lack of looks.

A You tube video link will give you an idea of how to get airbrushing done and you could always guide the expert painter as to what you want exactly with your painting work on your custom motorcycle helmet.

Before getting it painted, you must ensure that you use sandpaper to clear all debris sticking on the surface of your helmet.  You must remove all removable parts that you are not going to get painted and just leave the helmet shell where painting has to be done.

Use the appropriate tools to remove the visors, liners without distorting the placement alignments,  etc,, so that they fit perfectly when they need to be refitted after the painting work is done with.

Another method to custom motorcycle helmets is to use decal stickers on the helmets. There are a variety of stickers available at reasonable price.Get stickers that uses text that are not too offensive as remember you are trying to convey your personality through whatever colour combination and words that you desire to put on the helmet.

Creating a positive identity is the hallmark of creative people and using innovative positive stickers with little bit of humour or pun in it will be the right choice.


Buying readymade Custom motorcycle helmets is another option sold by experts in art work who will provide you with readymade custom motorcycle helmets, but then you might not get all that you wish to customize in building your helmet and might even end up paying more to buy a readymade one.

Buying readymade custom helmet from specialized makers is a good option however if the seller is able to add in a few of your ideas and make it the way the you want.

Another option to customize your motorcycle helmet is to buy variety of helmet skins and use these skins on your helmets to give a unique look to what you are wearing.

The major advantage of applying a skin to your helmet is that it keeps the shell of your helmet scratch free underneath the skin and the skin can be changed anytime you feel you want a fresh look or design.


Apart from the helmet using a facemask along with the helmet can change your appearance while riding and give an identity different to you.  However, here you just need a mask that matches the colour combo of your helmet and gives the feeling of both the helmet and mask being a single unit to the onlooker.

Pin striping helmets is another method used for making custom motorcycle helmets.  Pin striping is a decorative art and it is mostly done by professionals who are experts in this art and gives unique looks to helmets .  Two methods of pin striping are there Mechanical Pin striping and Freehand Pin striping.

Machines are used in mechanical pin striping.  This is professional work done by people who are not only skilled in using machines but have creative minds to create unique pin striping on the helmets.

Freehand pin striping as the name suggests involve mostly creative art work by highly artistic professionals without the use of machines. Being mostly a form of handicraft freehand pin striping could take time in completing your custom helmet and one needs to be patient in freehand pin striping work as the margin of error is very less and time is taken to complete the task of freehand pin striping.

The guide to custom motorcycle helmets as elucidated above will be very useful along with searching for videos on You tube to see how actually each of the customizing options of your helmet actually happens.  So, the message for all the bikers is Be unique – Customize your motorcycle helmet ! Happy Biking !

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